Leafs-Thrashers: Vesa Toskala Makes Five Great Saves in Sad 4-3 Loss

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IJanuary 17, 2009

For all the readers out there and all the Leaf fans, this will be the last Toskala-bashing piece that I will write.

Toskala made five great saves in the Thrasher's 3-0 come from behind win that is why they pay him the big bucks and that is why he is a NHL goalie because he is supposed to come up with the big saves.

But Toskala let in four easy goals that he gets paid to stop, no doubt about it.

When your team is leading three-nothing and you blow it on four shots that were stopable: Management has got to do something about it.

OK fine, on the tying goal someone should have had the man in front of the wide open net, but Toskala came out of the net and created the problem and could not get back in the net.

My son was a very good Junior Goalie and I told him many times, I am not interested in your big saves, I am only interested in the ones you should have stopped.

If I was Burke at this stage, I would be trading Toskala to a team on the way to the play-off's for a good hockey player.

I would bring up Pogge and let him and Joseph ride out the storm the rest of the way.

I hope the Leafs never draft another goalie as their first round pick, not if it is going to take five years for him to prove that he is ready for the big team.

If the Leafs cannot win with the lead and cannot come from behind I would say they have a good shot at first choice in the Junior Draft.

For Toskala's sake, as well as the Leafs' future, I hope I am wrong about all of this. Only time will be the judge in this case.