Duke Rape Case: How to Give Mike Nifong What He Deserves

Joe CottageContributor IJune 16, 2007
One night.
That would at least be the beginning of justice, in this whole unspeakable mess: One night for Mike Nifong. Not in prison. Forget prison. Prison doesn't even touch the scope of the wrong here. Let Mike Nifong spend one night with the Fear.
The Fear that Reade Seligmann knew.
The Fear that Collin Finnerty knew.
The Fear that David Evans knew.
The Fear of an Innocent trapped in the gears of the System.
There is injustice in this world that is perhaps beyond righting. Nothing can restore to Seligmann or Finnerty or Evans that which was lost; nothing can undo the psychic trauma of that which has been. But at least Mike Nifong can be made to know what he wrought, for no more or less a reason than that the ethics of empathy demand it.
So yes, forget disbarment. Forget incarceration. Give Nifong the Fear.
That at least will be a start.