2012 NFL Draft: Tampa Bay Buccaneers May Lean Toward Claiborne Thanks to Talib

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IMarch 27, 2012

Aqib Talib has been nothing but trouble for the Bucs.
Aqib Talib has been nothing but trouble for the Bucs.Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The only certainty in the career of one Aqib Talib is that he's been a constant pain in the butt for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Now that his former coach/enabler, Raheem Morris, is gone, the first thing you have to ask yourself is: will a no-nonsense guy like Greg Schiano want a guy like Talib on his football team?

Morris used to call Talib his "wild child" while the rest of us know that's code for "worthless, overrated troublemaker."

The Buccaneers now find themselves facing total uncertainty with Talib's trial now moved June 25, more than two months post-draft.

Common sense might tell us that all of this adds up to keeping the fifth overall pick in the draft and selecting corner Morris Claiborne of LSU.

Mark Dominik is mum, as he should be. The man who will have the final say as to who the Bucs pick told Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, "You try not to let your strengths and weaknesses determine who's the best player to take at the time, otherwise, you end up reaching."

We're not about to sit here and pretend that we know what's best for the Buccaneers. They are the professionals, they are the ones who should be watching countless hours of game tapes, they are the ones who should and are doing their due diligence on these players.

The good news for everyone is that the control of the asylum at One Buccaneer Place has been taken away from the inmates, who overran warden Raheem last season, seized the keys and made it their own, resulting in confusion, chaos and the crappy performance that comes as a result.

Failure of leadership is what gets you players like Talib, who really hasn't been worth the trouble he creates. If you want to talk bust, Talib's unreliability makes him more than a bust. When you take a guy in the first round, you want that player to become a veteran leader. Talib, entering his fifth season, is nothing more than a major distraction and a trouble maker. He's been that for four seasons now.

Here's a quick short list of players the Bucs could have taken in place of Talib, who were available when they picked 20th in 2008:

Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, Ray Rice, Curtis Lofton, Tracy Porter, Rashard Mendenhall, Mike Jenkins.

Would you like to have one of them on this team instead of Talib?

Now you can understand the importance of due diligence.

None of those guys cussed out their head coach in a hotel lobby. None of them are scheduled to go on trail.

Yet here we are, back at the same place we've been since the day the Bruce Allen-John Gruden regime looked Mike Jenkins in the eye, told him he was their choice, then turned around and selected Talib.

Thanks  guys.