Randy Orton Responsible for Manu's Real-Life Release from The Legacy

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJanuary 17, 2009

Last week on Monday Night Raw, there were some huge shake-ups regarding the angle between Randy Orton and his Legacy. As both Manu and Sim Snuka were recruiting another multi-generation Superstar to attack Randy Orton, they gave Cody Rhodes the opportunity to join them.

The WWE's creative team threw a curveball at all of us and it ended up that the returning Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes joined Orton in a three-on-two beatdown of Manu and Sim Snuka.

At first I wasn't certain if this was just another bump in the road for the foundation of what will become Orton's true Legacy, or if Manu and Snuka really are out for good.

As of now, I'm not certain what the future of Sim Snuka has in store, but I now have a much clearer indication of what the future has in store for Manu.

Many on the WWE creative team were pushing for Manu's removal from the Legacy but it appears as if Randy Orton himself played a very vital role in his removal.

Rumors are circulating that Orton did not feel that Manu was fitting in very well, and he did not feel Manu had the same potential as Rhodes and DiBiase.

Although many might view this as an arrogant move on Orton's part, I feel that it is very refreshing to know that Randy Orton himself is gathering pull over the creative direction that his stable is taking.

Similar to how Evolution was made in Triple H's vision, this Legacy will be better off if Randy Orton has the creative control necessary to let it evolve to his liking.

During Raw last week, Randy Orton said that he gave Manu the opportunity to be associated with him and he blew his chance. Come to think of it, he made a good point.

Due to recognition by association, Manu gained the opportunity to work with Orton and wrestle the likes of John Cena and Batista.

You can be sure that had he not had the affiliation with Orton's Legacy, he would never be wrestling those two Superstars.

Manu had his opportunity to take a big step in making it in the business and in real life, he did not live up to the expectations people had for him.

He's not horrible by any means, but he has a lot of work to do if he ever hopes to be pushed again. He's horrible at promos and needs a lot of in-ring work as well.

He may never get that opportunity.

Sources are saying that since he was kicked out of Orton's Legacy, he might not have a very long life-span in the WWE.

I'd imagine he will continue to feud with the Legacy to some degree but once that comes to an end, so too might Manu's future with the company.