WWE WrestleMania 28: Is the Divas Tag Match the Showcase of the Pointless?

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistMarch 27, 2012

photo by wrestlestars.com
photo by wrestlestars.com

Another WrestleMania, another pointless Divas match.

Are those the words that I will be writing the day after the granddaddy of them all is said and done? Will that be my reaction?

Is the fact that I assume that will be my reaction mean my decision has already been made?  Have I already deemed the match to be a failure, before it even happens?

Could I be more philosophical?

Some may say I’m being negative here, but, yeah, okay, I’m being negative here.  You got me.  But, can you blame me?

Be honest, how many of you are expecting this match to be anything more than just filler?  Is it just an excuse to put the Divas Champion on pay-per-view, and give air time to yet another celebrity who has nothing to do with the WWE product?

For those of you who care, the match is a tag team bout pitting the aforementioned Divas Champ Beth Phoenix and Eve against the aforementioned celebrity Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly.

Bet you’re pumped up now, right?

Truth be told, I really had no intention of writing one of those typical ‘WWE is screwing the Divas division, the women deserve more’ columns.  I don’t know about you, but I have read enough of those in the past few years.

But, WWE is screwing the Divas division, the women deserve more.  That’s it.

I mean, what’s the point anymore?  Is there one?  Every week we get a quick, three-minute Divas match that has virtually no impact on any relevant storyline, and leaves no lasting impression on any fan who sees it.  It’s over as quickly as it began, almost as if it never happened in the first place.

Kind of like Kharma’s WWE career.

Take it easy, that was not a crack, more like an unexpected segue way.

Let’s face it, the possibility of Kharma making an appearance may be the only redeeming aspect of the Divas match on Sunday.

Since Kharma’s unexpected return at the Royal Rumble, many fans have been anxiously waiting for her to come back full time and finish what she started before she went on maternity leave.  

Kharma’s constant appearances on WWE TV after she first entered the company were very reminiscent of Stone Cold Steve Austin in his heyday.  Just when you thought it was to be a normal, everyday match, suddenly her music hit and she proceeded to lay waste to everyone in the ring.

She did it so often that eventually, fans anticipated her arrival every time the Divas were on the card.

And, for a division that has been all but declared legally dead, her presence alone was a welcome shock to the system, and brought immediate and much-needed attention.

Kharma made the Divas interesting again.  Despite any criticisms that may have been leveled at her by fans who felt that her weight, or the fact that she was given free reign, were actually important, there was no denying one fact.

Kharma was must-see TV.  Fans cared about her, and her time in the spotlight, though short, made arguably the most impact the Divas division has seen since the days of Trish Stratus versus Lita.

Kharma was a big deal.

Since then?  Well, there’s been a whole lot of nothing.

Until now, that is.  Now, the Divas will once again be on the worldwide stage of WrestleMania, showcasing the best worker they have in Beth Phoenix, paired with the newly heeled Eve.  And, standing across the ring from them?

Kelly Kelly, who is now yesterday’s news, is teaming with the host from Extra.

Ooh.  Riveting.

I have to say, at least Maria has the athleticism for the ring, and she has an overabundance of enthusiasm for her WWE moments.  

Hey, any sign of life in a Divas match is a good one, right?

The only thing that can make this match worth it, in my opinion, is an appearance by Kharma.  It’s not to discount any effort put forth by any of the Divas involved, but I have to face the facts.

After so much time of this division being more irrelevant and more invisible than the tag team division, I have absolutely no reason to care about them on the major stage of WrestleMania.  

Until the WWE powers that be decide to once again put some sort of important emphasis on the Divas, and give them the attention they deserve for the efforts that they make, then I am just not interested.

And, that’s not being negative.  That’s being honest.