20 NYC Hotties Tim Tebow Could Hook Up with

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterMarch 27, 2012

20 NYC Hotties Tim Tebow Could Hook Up with

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    In case you haven't heard, Tim Tebow has been traded to the perennial spectacle better known as the New York Jets. Tebow reportedly turned down an opportunity to play for his hometown Jaguars to play for Rex Ryan and Gang Green. 

    Oh, and in case you haven't heard, Tebow is still totally and completely, 100-percent single. Well, it just so happens that New York City is totally stacked with some of the hottest single women anywhere on the planet. 

    Timmy Terrific is already one of the Big Apple's most eligible bachelors—and he's only been in town for five days! Here's a list of 20 eligible bachelorettes to get him started. 

20. Genevieve Morton, Model

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    Genevieve Morton is a 24-year-old model from South Africa who has appeared in the last three issues of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She's also appeared in a recent video for singer Gavin DeGraw. 

    Why she'd be a good match: Morton is pals with fellow swimsuit model and rumored Mark Sanchez squeeze Kate Upton! OMG double dates!

    If you want to see more of Morton, check out her "Me in My Place" feature in Esquire.

19. Jennifer, New Jersey Nets Dancer

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    New Jersey Nets dancer Jennifer has been dancing since early childhood and is currently studying dance and journalism/media studies at Rutgers University in the Garden State. 

    Why she'd be a good match: Jennifer describes herself as ambitious, dedicated and adventurous. Sound like a certain quarterback you know? (minus adventurous…)

18. Daisy Johnson, Photographer

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    Photographer Daisy Johnson is the 24-year-old daughter of billionaire Woody Johnson and former model Nancy Sale Johnson. Obviously Johnson isn't just any billionaire though—he's the owner of the New York Jets.

    Why she'd be a good match: The NY tabloids would have an absolute field day, and we'd reap all the benefits. Plus we all know that Tebow has star power—how about adding a billion dollars on top of it?

17. Stephanie, New York Islanders Ice Girl

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    The stunning Stephanie is a New York Islanders ice girl and that's pretty much all I know about her, because the Islanders haven't posted anything beyond a photo gallery for their girls. Of course, I'm probably the only person on the planet looking for anything beyond a photo gallery. 

    Why she'd be a good match: Well, she's very pretty…she's in New York…she is probably a sports fan. I know of plenty of marriages that were built on a lot less. 

16. Kate Mara, Actress

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    Actress Kate Mara is another descendant of a New York franchise owner—she's the granddaughter of the late Wellington Mara, owner of the Giants. Mara is also the great-granddaughter of the late Art Rooney Sr., owner of the Steelers.

    Why she'd be a good match: Considering her family connections (her little sister is literally named for both families—Rooney Mara) Kate Mara is pretty much sports royalty. Plus, how hilarious would it be if Tebow was dating anyone involved with the Giants?

    That would be suuuuch a Jets thing to happen.

15. Jessica Perez, Model

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    Jessica Perez is a 25-year-old model from Costa Rica. In 2011, Perez was the winner of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model search, beating out eight other up-and-coming models for the spot. Naturally, she appeared in the magazine in 2012. 

    Why she'd be a good match: She's a beautiful model and he's a hunky jock quarterback. 'Nuff' said. 

14. Lana Del Ray, Singer

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    New York native Lana Del Rey is a 25-year-old singer who made some waves in early 2012 with a much-maligned appearance on Saturday Night Live. 

    Why she'd be a good match: Del Rey is almost as controversial as Tebow (in her own world) and the two would be a perfect balance.

13. Kelly Framel, Fashion Blogger

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    Kelly Framel is a New-York-based writer who created the fashion blog TheGlamourai. Framel was named to Refinery29's list of 17 single New York City megababes. 

    Why she'd be a good match: NYC is all about fashion and if you saw Tebow's first Jets press conference, you know the boy knows how to wear a suit…and that he's really, really, really excited to be a Jet. 

12. Sierra, Knicks Dancer

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    The lovely Sierra is in her fifth season shaking her stuff for the Knicks. Homegirl isn't just a dancer though; she's also a model. Sierra has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Cosmo Girl, Oyster Magazine and 944 Miami Magazine. 

    Why she'd be a good match: One of her dreams is to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and we know that nothing goes together better than bikini models and quarterbacks. 

11. Jennifer Lawrence, Actress

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    First I just want to say that I've never seen Hunger Games and I never will see it. That aside, 21-year-old actress Jennifer Lawrence (who is apparently the star of Hunger Games) is the next big thing. 

    Why she'd be a good match: Many people (not me) think Tebow is the next big thing, so that works. And like him, Lawrence is just a southern girl at heart who ditched her hometown to make it in the big city. 

10. Nicole Lapin, News Anchor

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    In 2011, Nicole Lapin was named New York City's No. 1 bachelorette in the media by The York Observer. She has been romantically linked to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and GSI Commerce founder and CEO Michael Rubin. 

    Why she'd be a good match: Obviously she hasn't found what she's looking for in tech billionaires and finance millionaires—perhaps she's been looking for a wholesome do-gooder with all-American good looks and an aw-shucks personality. 

9. Jen, New Jersey Nets Dancer

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    New Jersey Nets dancer Jen has been dancing for an impressive 20 years and has been a featured dancer in a Saturday Night Live digital short. Currently, she's studying communications at Marymount Manhattan College. 

    Why she'd be a good match: When Jen was eight-years-old she was invited to be a guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to make a PB&J sandwich. I feel like this story would impress Timmy Tebow. 

8. Alessandra Codinha, Writer

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    Alessandra Codinha is a reporter for Women's Wear Daily—basically, they pay her very good money to see and be seen at the swankiest events in the city. Codinha is one of the Big Apple's "It Girls" and was named to the New York Observer's list of the 50 Media Power Bachelorettes in 2011. 

    Why she'd be a good match: Tebow hit the town with a full entourage of paparazzi in-tow during his first few days in New York—but it was boring typical Broadway stuff. Codinha could be his guide to the city. 

7. Emma Stone, Actress

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    Actress Emma Stone is best known for her roles in Superbad, Zombieland, Easy A, The Help and Crazy, Stupid Love. Stone is also starring as Gwen Stacy in the much-anticipated reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. 

    Why she'd be a good match: Our little Timmy is a lot of things—handsome, friendly, gracious, talented and he's got a crazy hot body…but he's not funny. Stone is a riot and he could use a little more laughter. 

6. Maria, Knicks Dancer

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    Maria is in her second season as a Knicks dancer. She hasn't had to travel far to achieve her dreams—Maria is a Long Island native with a big Italian family. Kind of like those Jersey Shore kids, but substantially less disgusting and without drug-resistant strains of STDs. 

    Why she'd be a good match: Maria's dream is to travel to as many countries as possible—wouldn't that be great for Timmy T. after football if he chooses to return to some type of missionary work?

5. Kyleigh Kuhn, Model

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    California girl Kyleigh Kuhn is a 24-year-old model who now lives in Brooklyn, NY. She's been featured in both Vogue and Vogue Italia and her best Halloween costume ever was Dog the Bounty Hunter. 

    Why she'd be a good match: Modeling isn't Kuhn's first love—philanthropy is. She's already started her own foundation, the Roots of Peace Penny Campaign, which focuses on rebuilding schools and community facilities in war-torn countries. 

4. Kaitlin Monte, Miss New York

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    Kaitlin Monte is a beauty queen who won the Miss New York pageant in 2011 and subsequently represented the state in the Miss America pageant. 

    Why she'd be a good match: She also does all that stuff that beauty queens are into—charity, world peace, speaking out against bullies, etc. If Tebow didn't play football, I think their bios would be pretty much the same. 

3. Abby Elliott, Actress

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    Abby Elliott is the resident sex kitten on Saturday Night Live and she happens to be pretty hilarious to boot. Comedy obviously runs in the family, as Elliott's dad is under-appreciated comic genius Chris Elliott. 

    Why she'd be a good match: Saturday Night Live is an institution in New York, the Elliotts are now an institution in comedy and Tebow wants to be an institution in NY football. 

2. Alyssa Miller, Model

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    Alyssa Miller a model who has appeared on the cover of Vogue and Elle magazines and has been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Miller is one of the most stunning women in the world and is one of the new faces for Guess clothing. 

    Why she'd be a good match: Miller isn't just another pretty face—she's also a huge sports fan. In a feature for The Wall Street Journal, she said she always envisioned herself as a professional soccer player before the modeling thing took off. 

1. Katie H., New York Jets Flight Crew

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    I do realize that there's probably some kind of fraternization rule that prevents Jets players from dating the cheerleaders—but rules are meant to be broken. Adorable Katie just completed her rookie season on the team and hopefully the wholesome, all-American blonde will be coming back for a second season. 

    Why she'd be a good match: Every answer to her bio questions matches up exactly with what I'd expect the future wife of Tim Tebow to say:

    What qualities do you look for in your ideal mate?
    A good sense of humor, trustworthy, nice smile

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    Married with kids and leading a successful happy life

    Who is your role model?
    My Mom

    What is your philosophy on life?
    Live life to the fullest

    What is your favorite holiday and why?
    Christmas because it brings the whole family together

    What do you like to do on the weekends?
    Hang out with my friends and family