Jeff Hardy Pyro Incident Injects Realism While Exposing Smackdown's Limitations

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJanuary 16, 2009

This week on Smackdown, fans witnessed one of their favorite Superstars injured in a horrific pyro accident.

As fans stood in suspense and watched the WWE champion taken away on a stretcher, quite a few things came to my mind regarding this angle.

Many people read my criticism of the WWE's angle regarding the fake Jeff Hardy car accident. That article can be found here...

This week however was a much different situation. If you happened to watch Smackdown this Friday, you saw Jeff Hardy injured by a malfunctioning fireworks accident, moments before he was set to be the guest star on "The Cutting Edge."

The WWE did an exceptional job selling this angle and did a great job of making this incident look realistic. I was quite critical of the cheap flavor that the car accident angle was presented in but this incident looked real enough for most fans to "buy."

At the same time, it exposed a big weakness that the Smackdown program has.

Had I been watching Raw, I might have actually been concerned for Jeff Hardy's healthy as the pyro accident was done really well and looked quite realistic.

Of course, I am well aware that Smackdown is taped in advance and would find it very hard to believe that the WWE would air such a tragic accident if it was even in the slightest bit real.

I'm not alone.

Many if not most wrestling fans are aware that the show is taped in advance and in doing so, it takes away the element of suspense and realism that is present within a live program.

Again, I commend the WWE on doing a much better job this week in selling such a dramatic angle but at the same time, it certainly can take away from such dramatic instances when you know the show you're watching was taped in advance.