Utah's Attorney General Marky Mark Leaves a Sour Taste

Anthony MariettiContributor IJanuary 16, 2009

Congratulations again to my 13-0 Utah Utes. It was wonderful to watch you work your magic through the season.

However, now I'm left with a sour taste in my mouth, this time not from the BCS. This time it's from Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. Now I must regretfully inform the reader I voted for Marky Mark.

Mark has seen fit to use taxpayer dollars to launch an investigation of the BCS. Talk about a waste of hard-earned money. Now I'm a vocal critic of the BCS, but really, Marky Mark? Is this the right time or place to challenge the BCS?

It just reflects poorly on Utah and our program that Mark sees this as a proper use of his time and our money. Counterfeiting, Identity Theft, Kidnapping, these apparently all pale in comparison to the BCS.

This isn't the method we need to employ in order to secure a playoff, because it will never work. All the BCS will do is change their bylaws slightly and they can keep on keeping on. Mark needs to realize this before he wastes millions of taxpayer dollars on something, that in comparison, is pretty minor in its impact.

Keep playing well Utes, enjoy the sweet taste of victory and ignore the sour gibberish that is spewed forth by Marky Mark.