Tim Tebow Jets Press Conference 2012: BR5 100% Inaccurate Reenactment

BR5Daily ShowMarch 26, 2012

With the New York Jets acquisition of Tim Tebow, his introductory press conference was the most anticipated for a backup quarterback.

Many speculate what the relationship may be like between current starting QB Mark Sanchez and backup Tim Tebow.    

Will Sanchez be worried about Tebow stealing the spotlight?  Will Tebow be able to handle the big stage of New York City?  Who will Tebow date?

Tebow remained calm, courteous, and well rehearsed during his Monday afternoon press conference. He remained well poised and was curious about the well being of everyone in attendance.

The new Jets quarterback discussed the possibility of playing for his hometown Jacksonville Jaguars, his works as a missionary, and a touch of religion.

Tebow's growing popularity was one of the factors contributing towards the Jets acquisition, however, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson maintains that this move was a football decision. Sources say that Sanchez was 'stunned' over the pickup of the young QB.

In BR5's 100% Inaccurate Reenactment, The former Denver Broncos signal-caller revealed a little more of his personality during his press conference, than in the past.  


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