Dear Boston Celtics Fans...

Mitch KuznarContributor IJanuary 16, 2009

All Celtics Fans,

I would not worry so much about this recent struggle of our beloved Celtics. It seems as if the Celtics were put into shock after that Christmas Day loss to the Lakers.

Even though they have not really bounced back quite yet, they will come around. Coach Rivers, I am sure, is finding new ways to motivate the team to get out of the current funk they are in.

In my honest opinion, everything will be back to normal after the all-star break, and the Celtics will then come together and have a few good winning streaks on their way to winning their second championship.

I have no doubt that this year's Boston Celtics will take another championship. They are a very well balanced team, and with the big three running the show, along with Rondo and a few good bench players, this team will be unstoppable when it comes time for the playoffs.

That being said, as far as the upcoming trade deadline, I don't feel the Celtics need to change a thing.

I would not ruin this already amazing team, unless you could somehow make a trade for another big name player that could go along with Rondo, Allen, Pierce, and Garnett.

All I can say is watch out for the Celtics for the rest of the season. The only teams that stand a chance are the Cavs and Hornets in the Eastern Conference, and the Lakers in the Western Conference. As long as the Celtics handle those teams, we can say hello to NBA championship No. 18!

Go Celtics!