The Rams Say Goodbye to Jim Haslett, Now What About Shaw?

john dmytrukCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2009

The Rams said "No thanks," to Jim Haslett and sent him packing, while I wonder why John Shaw still lingers.  I must say that I hated to see Haslett go, but Shaw reminds of the spirit of death that hangs over this team.

My boss told me that the Rams would be keeping Haslett, so they could keep the price of the team down when they sell the team.  He said he read this on Rumors.  I found nothing supporting his claim when I checked it out.  Well, this sort of shoots his claim down.

I thought the Rams should have given him another chance.  I thought that if you give him a full year rather then part of a year then maybe he would turn things around.

I liked when he laid the law down with the team. He even got Marc Bulger's attention.  But you can't really make a strong case for him when his record stands at 2-10 though I really enjoyed their win over the Cowboys.

Now, that Haslett has been shown the door, Shaw should be the next one to leave.   He should go sit with Zygmount on some California beach. They can reminiscence about how they con the fans in LA and St. Louis as the slowly get drunk on martinis.  One could only wish.

Yet, Shaw remains an adviser to Rosenbloom during the team's head coach search, and will remain with the team in an advisory role.  Mr. Shaw, with all due respect, why don't you just take my advice in the previous paragraph, and do us fans a favor?