LSU Basketball Looks to End Road Woes Against Ole Miss

Jacob KerrContributor IJanuary 16, 2009

As of January 16, LSU is a perfect 13-0 at the P-Mac but an awful 0-3 away from the P-Mac. LSU looks to end their road woes against SEC West rival Ole Miss Saturday, January 17.

LSU's production, both offense and defense, away from home is the exact opposite of what their production is at home.

First, LSU averages 60.3 ppg of offense away from while giving up 76.0 ppg on defense. LSU has not been able to consistently score away from home. They have scoring droughts of about four to five minutes in the three games that they have played away from home.

For example, take the Utah game, all that Utah did was dump it down to their big man, Luke Nevill, and let him tear apart Chris Johnson to the whole while LSU was only able to shoot jump shots the whole game. They had no answer for what they knew was coming Trent Johnson couldn't do a thing about it.

Second, LSU is getting mezmorized by the intensity of the opposing team's crowd. It's like when the crowd gets into it, LSU just loses it.

For example, LSU's game versus Alabama. LSU was down by one looking to take the lead, they even had the momentum, until a moving screen was called against Garrett Temple and that basically killed LSU's momentum because the crowd started to get into it and that just took the life out of them.

In that game, LSU scored a season-low 59 points in that loss.

Finally, get everyone involved in the game. Now what this means is get the ball to an open teammate instead of trying to create your own shot. That piece of advice right there could have been what Marcus Thornton needed in the loses to Texas A&M.

LSU could have won the game against Texas A&M if Marcus Thornton would have passed the ball to his trailing teammate instead of trying to get a block called, which turned into a charge and basically sealed LSU's fate right there.

Everything LSU does wrong on the road they do right at home. Let's see if LSU can overcome their road woes and win their first road game of the season.