Viral Video of the Day: 10-Year-Old Footballer Kicks Rival in the Face, Arrested

Peter WebsterContributor IIIMarch 30, 2012

If you wonder why some players have no respect for referees or their opposition these days, you only have to look at some of the grass roots football being played in Hong Kong.

This video is footage from ESF (English Schools Foundation) Lions vs Kitchee Escola in the under-12 category.

Here we see a 10-year-old child deliberately kick an opponent in the face while he was down on the ground following a bad challenge.

After everything dies down, the Police are later contacted by the victim's parents and the 10-year-old assaulter is arrested.

Hong Kong is famous for it's Karate training and is home to the Karatedo Federation of Hong Kong, but the aggressor in this instance is a caucasian child, leading some people to suggest that the kick was racially motivated.

While parents undoubtedly tell their children to go into tackles firmly, this is taking it over the top slightly—as is the arrest.

What happened to the days when matters such as this were sorted out by the school and the parents of the children involved?

Maybe the accused was watching too much Hong-Kong Phooey prior to kick-off.

The unnamed child has since been bailed.


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(H/T to Mark Delfigalo for the footage)