2012 NFL Draft: 4 Best Quarterback Options for Cleveland Browns

Nick Hoffman@@nickhoffman5Contributor IIIMarch 26, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: 4 Best Quarterback Options for Cleveland Browns

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    The Cleveland Browns, and Cleveland in general, have been one of the most torched sport franchises and cities for a long time. Everything from the LeBron James departure to "The Drive" with John Elway still stings.

    The Browns are in spot now where they need to hit on a quarterback that's going to improve the franchise. I'm going to list four quarterbacks that are in the draft that the Browns should take a long look at.

Which Quarterback Should the Browns Draft: Ryan Tannehill

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    Ryan Tannehill is a guy who converted from wide receiver to quarterback two years ago and has shown steady improvement since day one. Yes, you've already taken a chance on an athletic quarterback with Colt McCoy, but one of the main differences is that McCoy is very limited physically.

    Tannehill is a big kid; he is almost a full two inches taller than McCoy and has a lot of tools that could make him a good pro quarterback. My biggest knock with Tannehill is his completion percentage: at 61 percent, there is major room for improvement.

Which Quarterback Should the Browns Draft: Case Keenum

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    Case Keenum is a guy that's going to be viewed as a system quarterback but I think that might be usable in Cleveland. Keenum is a smaller guy at just under six feet tall, which can cause problems if you cannot get the ball out of your hand. With Keenum running a wide open offense, you know that he's capable of releasing the ball in every arm slot and you know he's capable of making every throw.

    A big problem the Browns had last year was how awful the passing game was. Keenum could be a guy that is a pure passer and could give the 24th-ranked pass offense a legit boost.

Which Quarterback Should the Browns Draft: Nick Foles

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    Nick Foles from Arizona is a kid that could have the most upside of the quarterbacks in the draft that isn't named Luck or Griffin. He's 6'5 and 240 plus, so he's the prototypical NFL quarterback. Foles, during three years at Arizona, completed nearly 70 percent of passes his last two years and never had less than a 2-to-1 ratio in touchdowns to interceptions.

    Foles can make every throw and you know he's seasoned. Nick Foles is a guy you could probably grab in the second round and use your first-round pick on Justin Blackmon and pair him with Greg Little, which could be the start to a respectable offense for years to come.

Which Quarterback Should the Browns Draft: Russell Wilson

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    Russell Wilson isn't going to bring any headline news to Cleveland but he could be a nice project for this franchise. Wilson was drafted out of high school to play pro baseball so you know immediately he has a strong arm, which would be an upgrade over McCoy.

    At Wisconsin he was somewhat limited because of the system, but if you go into his numbers you see only four interceptions and an above 70 percent completion percentage. No matter what system you are in, if you're completing more than 70 percent of your passes and not turning it over, you at least have a shot at becoming a legitimate NFL quarterback.

Which Quarterback Should the Browns Draft?

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    If I was in management for the Cleveland Browns my board of quarterbacks would go Nick Foles, Ryan Tannehill, Case Keenum  then Russell Wilson.

    Nick Foles is the guy I would go with, personally. He's projected as a second rounder and you can address another need with your first rounder and wait on Foles.