Update: Kurt Angle Has New Confidence in His Abilities for Summer Olympics 2012

Tyler LutzContributor IIIMarch 26, 2012

Former WWE success story and current TNA superstar Kurt Angle announced that he would be trying out for a spot on the 2012 U.S. Olympic wrestling team several months ago, stating that his chances of making it were slim to none. 

Kurt won a gold medal in the 1996 Olympics for men’s freestyle wrestling, and has enjoyed a very prosperous career as a professional wrestler for the past 12 years.  Now, at the age of 43, Kurt seems to be feeling much more confident in his abilities after seven months of Olympic-specific training.

According to an interview by the New York Post, Angle claims that he has made a full recovery from the neck injury he suffered in 2004 while under contract with WWE, he has never been happier or healthier, and all the stars have aligned for him to have a reasonable chance.  In this interview, Angle says the following:

“I have been training for the Olympics for 7 months.  I can guarantee that I will either make the Olympic team or be an alternate. I will go over to London and represent my country.”

Angle is commonly regarded as the best professional wrestler in the world and his long list of credentials make this a rightful assessment.  He is a one-time IWGP Heavyweight champion, a four-time WWF/E champion, a one-time WWE World Heavyweight champion, a one-time WCW champion, and a five-time TNA World Heavyweight champion.  He is also the fifth Grand Slam champion in the history of the WWE (signified by winning the WWE, World Heavyweight, World Tag Team, Intercontinental, and European Championships), and the 10th Triple Crown Champion of TNA (signified by winning the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, the TNA X Division Championship, and one-half of the NWA World Tag Team Championship).

Three summer Olympic games have taken place since Angle became a gold medal winner, and with roughly four months until the 2012 games kick off in London, he seems very confident in his current physical condition and very excited about this opportunity.

Whether you’ve been a fan for years or have never even heard of him, now is the time to start following Kurt Angle because he might just shock the world on the stage London will provide in July.  At least it will give you something to do after WrestleMania 28 comes to an end.


Tyler Lutz is a contributor to Bleacher Report for all things WWE.  You can follow him on Twitter at:  @TheRealLutz