WWE RAW: Expectations from Rock, Cena, HBK, HHH, Taker Before WrestleMania 28

Michael NargiSenior Analyst IMarch 26, 2012

Photo via http://luchasacess.wordpress.com
Photo via http://luchasacess.wordpress.com

The final days are upon us leading to to WrestleMania 28. Monday's RAW will be an epic night full of drama, anticipation and hype.

Two of the most highly anticipated matches at WrestleMania will be The Rock against John Cena followed by The Undertaker taking on Triple H in a Hell in a Cell with Shawn Michaels guest refereeing.

According to the Atlanta's Philips Arena Web site, it should be night with plenty excitement, 

Come witness the return of The Rock to Atlanta as he comes face-to-face with his Wrestlemania 28 opponent, John Cena, just days away from their "once in a lifetime" matchup at Wrestlemania 28! Also see what "The Game" Triple H and the "Special Guest Referee" in the "End of an Era" Wrestlemania 28 Match, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels have to say to each other when they meet, live at Philips Arena!


What to Expect from HHH, Undertaker, HBK

Although the arena's Web site suggests that Michaels will be there, HBK posted on Facebook Sunday night, "In Atlanta for RAW but don't think I'm on the live show. I suppose I'll find out more tomorrow."

It does not seem logical that HBK is in the building, but not on the show. So let us assume that he is involved in the show along with The Undertaker and Triple H. All three men have been in the ring at the same time, all exchanging threats and menacing glances, so what can be expected this time?

I would expect that Michaels takes a strong stand on Monday in order to bring about more uncertainty as to which side he will be on at WrestleMania.

It looks as if he might be leading Triple H to thinking that if anything goes astray he will have his back. Although, Triple H seems to believe this is the case, HBK has not given too many hints to prove it. 

HBK looks like he does not even know what he will do if it comes down to him deciding the fate of the streak. 

The promo on the Web site does not mention The Undertaker, but a confrontation between all three of the men on Monday night would create even more tension before Sunday. Whether 'Taker is in Atlanta or not, HHH will likely try to get on Michaels' good side and lay off on his insulting comments.

The Undertaker seems to be on edge the most of anyone. He fears that his streak might come down to a variable that was not present when he originally proposed the match.

If he is not in the arena, I would expect his presence to still be felt, whether with his music playing and the lights going out or a video message being played in the arena.

What to Expect from Cena and The Rock

After a memorable Rock concert and rap battle two weeks ago, these two men met in the ring last week only to use Marc Henry as a prop to deliver their own messages.

Although no words were said after The Rock laid out Mark Henry, a stare and chest pound said it all. 

With The Rock and Cena bringing everything to the table week after week, it seems as though RAW will be the stage of their best confrontation yet.

It would be unlikely that they have any contact when they meet eye-to-eye, but I would expect a more intense dialog than in weeks prior. This is their final chance to say their piece before millions tune in to see their battle in Miami. 

The Rock can electrify the audience with lighthearted humor, but this week he will likely have to throw his serious face on and continue with the intimidation factor that he tried to bring to light last week.

Cena will continue to impress with his antics, but The Rock is leading this dance. I am not saying that Cena is not doing a great job, but it all starts with The Rock.

When the curtains draw close on the final RAW before WrestleMania, fans will be left anxiously waiting for Sunday to come.

All we can ask is for great performances from everyone involved and that should come naturally for the guys involved.


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