Gluttons For Punishment: What Have Women's Wrestling Fans Become?

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Gluttons For Punishment: What Have Women's Wrestling Fans Become?
Eve blows a kiss to the crowd.

No, this is not an article that is going to promote and mark over the Sara Del Reys and Jessicka Havoks of the Indy Scene.

And no, this is also not an article that will argue why the Knockouts are undoubtedly head and shoulders above the WWE Divas.

What this is, however, is a wake-up call.

A wake-up call to every single "devoted" WWE women's wrestling fan.

I am not here to bash the WWE Divas. I am here to deliver a good dosage of reality to all Divas fans.

While I still watch the Divas and support them, I definitely do not expect much from them, if anything at all. While it has been debated time and again that all the Divas are missing is some time and development from WWE management, it needs to be brought to your attention that the WWE Divas division does, in fact, suck.


If you were the average fan who decided to start paying more attention to the women in WWE (which obviously wouldn't happen because the women could never be compelling enough to cause you to do so), you would be appalled at how terrible they truly are.

Again, I recognize it is a collection of management's, the girls themselves and even some of the fans' faults that this would be your reaction. It needs to be brought to your attention.

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Because you Diva fans are so fixated on the golden era of women's wrestling in WWE that you have invested valuable time, money and care in a brand new group of women who have frankly not earned it from you.

While I recognize that there are multiple little things that make the women entertaining (Heel Eve, Maxine's journey to get off of NXT, otherwise known as the Lost Island, Vickie Guerrero simply breathing), there's no way these women will or ever really can compare to the women of the past.

You all baffle me.

How can you waste so much time on a product that is clearly crashing and has nothing major going on for it?

What ever happened to standards?

Last time I checked, if a match back then was like a match from this era of Divas, the women would be chastised.

To receive the type of supply you want and deserve, there needs to be a true demand for it. By accepting the crap you're being fed by WWE management, you're simply demanding more crap.

And guess what?

That's exactly what you'll get, and then some.

I miss the days of the Molly Hollys and Torrie Wilsons as much as the next person. But I'm not going to continue hanging on to a burning thread to get it back.

That's why I want and need to know:

What the hell have women's wrestling fans become?

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