NCAA Tournament 2012: Power Ranking All 64 Jerseys

Ethan BackCorrespondent IMarch 28, 2012

NCAA Tournament 2012: Power Ranking All 64 Jerseys

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    March Madness has been extremely exciting this year; there have been plenty of upsets and great games, a testament to the quality of basketball being played at the collegiate level. Aside from the actual gameplay on the court, something else has stood out this month.

    The jerseys.

    Baylor made its presence felt very much so in wearing highlighter yellow uniforms, and you can't go wrong with a classic like UNC's argyle pattern.

    While some jerseys were awesome, a bunch of others were not so easy on the eyes.

    Allow the pictures to do the talking from here on out as I power rank all 64 jerseys from March Madness.

64. LIU Brooklyn

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    While the LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds were the class of the NEC this season, their jerseys certainly weren't.

    The black-and-white color scheme doesn't really pass the eye test, so it's a good thing that Julian Boyd and company only lasted one game in the NCAA tournament, falling 89-67 to top-seed Michigan State.

63. Lehigh

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    Lehigh received more media attention than they could have possibly imagined after defeating Duke to give the Mountain Hawks the biggest win in program history.

    Despite the monumental win, Lehigh's jerseys are bland, and the color choice is questionable to say the least.

62. New Mexico State

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    Not much going on here for the Aggies of New Mexico State. A boring color combined with an unattractive font does not make for exciting uniforms.

61. Louisville

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    Unlike with Baylor, Adidas really missed on these Louisville uniforms. The orange-red hue is almost unbearable, and we will sadly have to see these jerseys (and shorts and socks and shoelaces) in action in the Final Four.

60. Florida

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    Too much orange, Florida. Just way too much orange.

59. Montana

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    If Will Cherry were more well-known around the nation, his nickname would definitely be Maroon 5.

58. North Carolina State

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    Maybe if these jerseys were a bit more generic I'd rank them higher...

    Also not helping NC State's cause is the fact that their uniforms pale in comparison to those of UNC.

57. Western Kentucky

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    I'm not sure if it is the block lettering and numbering or just the fact that W and K are extremely random letters, but these jerseys are just a bit awkward.

56. Colorado State

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    Green and gold jerseys?! Really, Colorado State?!?!

    That color combination should be strictly reserved for Notre Dame football.

55. Wisconsin

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    "Why are these jerseys as boring as our offense?!?!"

54. Alabama

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    Stick to football. Roll Tide.

53. Vermont

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    Vermont in big, block letters across the chest doesn't really make me think of basketball.

    I must admit, though, these jerseys do bring back memories of the Seattle Sonics, who have the same number of wins this season in the NBA as the Catamounts did in NCAA tournament.

    We miss you, Sonics.

52. UNC-Asheville

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    I just think it's terrible that any school in the UNC system would resort to wearing the same colors as Duke. Asheville did almost pull off a shocker against Syracuse, so give the Bulldogs credit for that.

51. Texas

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    It's probably not a good thing when your uniforms match the ball.

    I don't mind burnt orange, I just think it looks much nicer on the gridiron than it does on the hardwood.

50. Missouri

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    These jerseys would have been ranked more towards the middle of the pack had Missouri not lost to... *click next*.

49. Norfolk State

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    These jerseys are the embodiment of a bracket buster.

    I may or may not have had Missouri in the Final Four.

48. Brigham Young

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    These jerseys are plain and unexciting.

    If you expected anything more from BYU, you can Fredette about it!

47. Michigan

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    Blue and yellow is a nice color combination, but yellow, yellow, more yellow and some blue doesn't really work.

46. Creighton

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    I was going to say that the best thing these jerseys have going for them is the fact that "McDermott" will be on the back of No. 3 for the next two years, but Creighton doesn't feature last names on their uniforms.

45. Ohio State

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    The Buckeyes are in the Final Four, but their jerseys are nothing more than pedestrian.

44. Southern Miss

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    Pictured here are the jerseys of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles, aka the Pittsburgh Steelers of college basketball. The most noticeable difference is that you would never see a Steeler whining.

43. Duke

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    The jerseys of Duke have to be less appealing now than they were before C.J. McCollum and Lehigh toppled Coach K's Blue Devils in an absolute shocker.

42. Michigan State

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    Michigan State wears green and white uniforms, but next year the Spartans will be missing the most important Green in Draymond.

    With or without its soon-to-be graduated senior leader, Michigan State's jerseys are average at best.

41. Belmont

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    The middle of the "M" extending further down than any of the other letters bothers me slightly, but other than that, these Belmont jerseys are alright.

    Maybe next season the Bruins can finally pull off an upset in the NCAA tournament, because they have been a popular pick the past two years after losing to Duke by one point in 2008.

40. Detroit

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    Detroit should seriously consider wearing these throwback uniforms more often; they definitely stand out more than the regular jersey pictured here.

39. Xavier

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    Xavier's jerseys are pretty average, but I must say, I am a fan of the shorts. No. 52 will be missed next year.

38. Davidson

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    Something tells me that I would like this jersey a bit more if this guy were wearing it.

37. Iowa State

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    I'm not a huge fan of the red-and-yellow color scheme, but Iowa State's home uniform does a nice job of minimizing the two, so the white jerseys are somewhat attractive.

36. Murray State

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    Murray State doesn't really care that much about its uniforms (which are solid, not spectacular); the Racers are too busy winning games every year. They should continue to win their fair share of games under the leadership of Isaiah Canaan next season.

35. Notre Dame

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    There's nothing wrong with Notre Dame's jerseys, but I wouldn't call them nice. The design is pretty simple, although the gold does provide a nice touch.

34. New Mexico

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    New Mexico's jerseys could easily be made nicer by outlining the letters and numbers with black. With that change, these uniforms would be pretty nice.

33. Ohio

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    I'm a fan of these special edition black jerseys that Ohio wore in its victory over USF, but I was disappointed when the Bobcats wore their regular green jerseys against UNC.

    The jersey pictured here is creative and bold, but Ohio's traditional jerseys are on par with the norm in college hoops.

32. Virginia

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    Virginia's jerseys are solid, but I can't look at them without thinking of Florida's beatdown of the Cavaliers.

31. South Florida

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    The lettering on USF's jersey is cool, and the "U" shaped like a bull is clearly the focal point of this uniform.

30. Purdue

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    The most amazing thing about Purdue's jerseys is that there was one with the name "Hummel" on the back this year.

    It feels like he has been there since 2007 or something...

29. Kentucky

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    Kentucky's jerseys are nothing special, but the royal blue and white colors are a representation of the rich history the Wildcats can claim. The shorts are pretty nice, and these uniforms will be on display in New Orleans this weekend.

28. Wichita State

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    I like Wichita State's jerseys, as the Shockers utilize the yellow in an effective and not-too-flashy way. It's too bad that they couldn't "shock" the world, bowing to VCU in their first tournament game.

27. VCU

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    Speaking of VCU, the Rams narrowly missed out on another Sweet 16 berth, falling 63-61 to Indiana, but the large "VCU" across the chest should now serve as an indication to other teams that Shaka Smart's squad is for real.

26. Colorado

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    Gold and black is a nice look for the Buffs, and it certainly worked in their win against UNLV.

    The nice jerseys, however, could not stop Brady Heslip from doing this to Colorado.

25. West Virginia

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    Kevin Jones and his West Virginia squad rocked these sweet black uniforms in the NCAA tournament, but the Mountaineers were a quick out nonetheless, losing 77-54 to Gonzaga.

24. San Diego State

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    I like the black letters and red numbers on San Diego State's uniforms, and these two on a white background make for a clean and crisp jersey.

23. Indiana

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    Younger fans might be perplexed by Indiana's position on this list, but these uniforms are so emblematic of the success that the Hoosiers have had throughout their history.

    Sometimes tradition is better than innovation.

22. Gonzaga

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    Gonzaga, the pride of the WCC, wins lots of games every year, and they do so in stylish fashion. These jerseys aren't breathtaking, but they combine modern and traditional aspects well for a classy appearance.

21. Syracuse

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    The orange letters and silver numbers look great on a white jersey, and Syracuse's shorts add style to the complete uniform.

    Unlike Fab Melo, these jerseys made the grade.

    Too soon?

20. Vanderbilt

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    Vanderbilt sports very classy jerseys, and the touch of light gold makes these uniforms very easy on the eyes.

    Depending on how much you like the gold, you might like these Commodore jerseys even more.

19. St. Bonaventure

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    I think the black St. Bonaventure jerseys are awesome, especially junior guard Chris Johnson's, in which the Jumpman logo and the number 23 are present.

    The side of the jersey and shorts, which can be seen here, is also really cool.

18. Harvard

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    The guys up at Harvard must be working on some sort of formula to maximize jersey appeal given the school's colors, because these basketball jerseys are nice!

    The black jersey and white font are basic, but the crimson lining goes a long way for these uniforms.

17. Kansas State

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    Purple is the main color of the Kansas State, so having a nice jersey can often be difficult. These jerseys, however, are very modern and the choice to wear gray worked out nicely for the Wildcats.

    I guess Frank Martin wasn't too big of a fan, as he accepted a deal to become South Carolina's head coach.

16. Saint Louis

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    I like every aspect of Saint Louis' uniforms: a vibrant royal blue, sharp lettering and nice shorts to boot.

    Rick Majerus has done a great job with the Billikens, as they narrowly lost to Michigan State in their second game of the NCAA tournament.

15. Cincinnati

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    Unlike the uniforms of fellow Big East team Louisville, Cincinnati's jerseys featured a healthy amount of the orange-red color.

    The Bearcats have awesome jerseys, and the iconic second "C" looks especially nice on these special-edition tops.

14. Florida State

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    These Florida State uniforms are great; the cool font, nice color scheme and unique logo on the side all make for a good-looking jersey.

13. Connecticut

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    Connecticut may not have played well during the NCAA tournament, but at least the Huskies looked good. The red trim around the "U" gives these jerseys a subtle yet effective finishing touch.

12. Temple

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    You might not fall in love with Temple's jerseys upon first look, but the black-and-maroon numbers are a simple and effective way of creating an appealing uniform.

    The pattern on the side is also very cool.

11. South Dakota State

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    South Dakota State's jerseys certainly paled (quite literally) in comparison to those of Baylor, their lone opponent of March Madness, but the blue numbers and letters with yellow trim really work well on the black jersey.

10. Memphis

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    Memphis features very crisp and clean jerseys, and the resulting look is successful. The large "M" and "S" give this jersey some flair, while the blue stripes on the shoulders give it a nice finishing touch.

9. Kansas

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    Kansas features one of the most iconic jerseys in all of college basketball, as the red, white and blue uniforms immediately trigger thoughts of some of the greatest Jayhawks to play in Lawrence.

    The colors seen in this uniform serve as a representative of the success that Kansas has had throughout the years in the NCAA tournament.

8. Marquette

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    Marquette's light blue, navy blue, and yellow color scheme is unique and original, and the Golden Eagles easily have one of the nicest jerseys in college basketball.

    You can argue that the sequence of stripes down the side is too much, but I find it to be attractive.

7. Georgetown

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    I love the silver and navy blue colors of Georgetown's uniforms, as the combo is one of the true classics in all of college hoops.

    In a year that saw a great number of teams introduce gray jerseys, you have to give credit to the Hoyas for being the first.

6. Loyola (MD)

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    It was a great year to be a 15-seed in the NCAA tournament, but Loyola (MD) did not fare as well as did both Lehigh and Norfolk State. Despite their loss to Ohio State, the Greyhounds sported pretty sweet jerseys.

    The dark green font on a black background is bold, but the combination works and is reminiscent of Hawaii's football jerseys.


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    These jerseys are nice and bring back memories of UNLV's glory years. This year's squad was solid but lost in an upset to Colorado in its first tournament game.

    Even though the Runnin' Rebels lost, their jerseys are still awesome, especially the gray version, which you can purchase here.

4. Saint Mary's

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    Jerseys that feature red, white and blue are generally attractive, but the font of the "Saint Mary's" is the main feature of these uniforms.

    There most be something about the Gaels' jerseys that top Australian players like as well.

3. North Carolina

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    North Carolina's jerseys are simply a classic, and the argyle pattern is synonymous with college basketball excellence.

    There have been so many Tar Heel legends who have worn these jerseys, and they are guaranteed to always be in style.

2. Baylor

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    It can be argued that Baylor's neon green uniforms have been the main talk of this year's NCAA tournament, even more so than the actual basketball.

    I personally like the bold jerseys, and while others may hate them, you cannot deny the influence and effect that they have had in March Madness.

    The Bears can hold a legitimate grudge against the NCAA for denying them the right to wear these jerseys in their Elite 8 loss to Kentucky.

1. Long Beach State

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    Long Beach State only played once in March Madness, but the 49ers definitely rocked the nicest jerseys of them all.

    "The Beach" is so iconic, and it's a shame that Casper Ware and company didn't make a deeper run into March because I just love seeing these jerseys in action.

    Baylor's uniforms stood out the most, UNC's are the most classic but there is no denying that these were by far the nicest jerseys in the entire NCAA tournament.