NBA Playoffs 2012: 6 Things the Boston Celtics Must Fix Before the Playoffs

Joel C. CordesFeatured Columnist IIINovember 6, 2016

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The Boston Celtics have a lot to fix if they’re to make one final run in the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

Hovering around .500, banged up down the stretch, snake-bit by bad luck and on their last legs, the Celtics have gutted through a tough season.

Jeff Green, Chris Wilcox and now Mickael Pietrus have all had freak injuries or suffered through illness, while Ray Allen is fighting a bum ankle.

The depth-less Celtics have just enough bodies to get by, but they can’t survive any more down time.

Despite the enormous ticking clock, Boston has played like they still have years of time left.

They don’t.

The end is here. Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen are free agents and the team will rebuild this offseason. It’s time to stop holding back.

Get crazy and go out guns blazing with perfect defensive communication, perfect rotations, contested shots and no second chances.

Forced turnovers and defensive rebounds must equal long outlets to Rajon Rondo. He’s the only spark plug and a one-man fast break.

They’ve got a few young legs to run with him, while Allen, Garnett and Paul Pierce can play as trailers.

The Celtics can’t limp into the playoffs, and they can’t match up with the Miami Heat.

Maybe there’s some light against the Chicago Bulls, but Boston’s best shot is to get the sixth spot or higher.

The middle of the pack offers some less star-studded rosters. There are no push-overs, but those teams aren’t invincible, either.

Boston needs to find perfection one last time, win a series and find momentum circa 2008.

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