Will Mets' New Park Have Trouble Keeping a Name With Citi's Economic Woes?

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IJanuary 16, 2009

Citi lost $8.29 billion last quarter.  $45 billion in government loans.  A $20 million check to the Mets.

Yes, a deal is a deal, a contract is a contract, but good business partners help each other—and I think the Mets would be wise to offer a statement announcing how they've reworked the deal with Citi to allow their good partner to get their feet on the ground without worrying about stadium naming rights.  Let Citi pay $21 million for 19 years or whatever needs to be done.

I actually couldn't care less about Citi or the Mets balance sheet.  As a fan, what I don't want is to have the Mets play one year in Citi Field, three years in Barclay's Stadium, a year in Mets Field, six months in Jackie Robinson Park, and then some time at the Coca-Cola Grounds.  That's why I hate corporate names. 

I still call buildings "Candlestick" and "Comiskey," and I still use terms like Triborough Bridge and West Side Highway.  Name something and stick with it.  Wrigley is a gum.   Doesn't bother me.  Name it, keep it...and I worry about this deal the Mets did.  

A bad deal in Flushing?  Nah, never happen.


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