World Football: Top 15 Volley Goals of All Time

Dan Talintyre@@dantalintyreSenior Analyst IIMarch 26, 2012

World Football: Top 15 Volley Goals of All Time

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    Let me start of by thanking Peter Crouch for this list.

    His fantastic finish against Manchester City over the weekend will go down as one of the greatest volley goals of all time, and if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor by watching it here.

    Unfortunately for Crouch, that goal doesn't even feature in the top 15 volley goals of all time.

    Fortunately for us, that means there are 15 more for us to sit back and enjoy.

    Ready? Let's go.

15. Youri Djorkaeff

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    When I said there were many good goals, I seriously meant it.

    Hopefully, seeing this acrobatic effort by Djorkaeff off a tight angle only come in a number 15, will help that be a little clearer.

    Incredible goal.

14. Marco Van Basten

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    During the final of the European Championship against the USSR, van Basten pulled out this incredible goal to give Holland a 2-0 lead, and ultimately the trophy.

    Almost an identical spot on the pitch to the goal before and an equally impressive finish.

13. Paolo Di Canio

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    Known for his arrogance at times, Di Canio was never short of brilliant volley goals, as we shall see later in this list.

    This right-foot touch followed by a left-foot finish from outside the box demonstrates the remarkable skills the Italian possesses.

12. Matt Le Tissier

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    Matt Le Tissier—God of the Volley.

    Stand and deliver.

11. Alan Shearer

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    When Alan Shearer first came to Newcastle from Blackburn, many wondered if he was worth the huge money that he was receiving.

    He started scoring goals like these, and shut everyone up in the process.

10. Parlo Di Canio

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    One of the most iconic volley goals of all time.

    Kids around the world are still trying to replicate this in their football matches.

9. Wayne Rooney

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    With so much power behind this shot, it's little wonder that the keeper wasn't even close to stopping this volley by Wayne Rooney.

8. Hugo Almeida

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    When you're team's up 3-0 just after half time, you often try things that normally you wouldn't do.

    And sometimes, they pay off, like this great turn and hit from Almeida.

7. Tony Yeboah

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    If you haven't heard of Tony Yeboah before, you're most likely too young to remember him.

    Just think Wayne Rooney, but 15 years ago, and you're pretty close.

6. Paul Scholes

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    Every element of this play is inch perfect.

    Perfect corner from Beckham and a perfect finish from Scholes.

5. Matt Le Tissier

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    Perfectly predicted by the commentator; perfectly executed by Le Tissier.

4. Maxi Rodriquez

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    Out of all the goals on this list, none have higher significance than this one.

    World Cup, extra time, 1-1 against Mexico.

    Wait, make that 2-1 thanks to Maxi Rodriguez.

3. Thierry Henry

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    That's all I can say about that.

2. Ronaldinho

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    Maybe this shouldn't be so high, but there's just so much skill goal by Ronaldinho.

    The control to put the ball from over his left shoulder to his right foot, and then a blind finish over the keeper, to me, makes it one of the best volley goals of all time.

1. Matt Le Tissier

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    Some volley goals feature strength; others deftness.

    Some feature beating defenders; others creativity and knowledge.

    This goal by the Southampton legend, Matt Le Tissier, features all of the above and for that, is the greatest volley goal of all time.

    Have your say by commenting below and who knows, maybe we'll need to extent this list to 20.

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