James Kirkland-Carlos Molina Bout: Watch Controversial DQ

Mick AkersAnalyst IMarch 25, 2012

After putting on an impressive performance and dominating James Kirkland up until the 11th round of a scheduled 12-round junior middleweight fight, Carlos Molina's night ended on a sour note after being disqualified at the end of Round 10.

The disqualification came after Kirkland (31-1, 27 KOs) knocked Molina (19-5-2, six KOs) down at the end of Round 11.

As the referee was counting Molina down, one of Molina's cornermen entered the ring after the bell ending the round rung, but since the referee was still counting Molina while he was down, the referee disqualified Molina.

So even though the bell ending the round had sounded, the round was still in progress—even after the bell had sounded—because the referee was still giving Molina this count after Molina was knocked down.

It is a controversial way to end a fight that the judges had Molina ahead on two of the three scorecards and losing by one round on a third judge's card, making the fight even more controversial.

Kirkland had his best round in Round 10 and looked to be on his way to making a remarkable comeback win, but the world was robbed of a possible great finish by an unfortunate error bye Molina's corner.

During a post-fight interview Kirkland and his trainer, Ann Wolfe, both agreed the stoppage was bogus and said that a rematch would be welcomed.

Note: The knockdown comes at the 9:13 mark of the video.