WWE/TNA/ROH: My Top 10 Moments of the Week (Mar. 19-23)

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMarch 25, 2012

WWE/TNA/ROH: My Top 10 Moments of the Week (Mar. 19-23)

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    Another week of professional wrestling has ended, and it was quite the week of ups and downs.

    TNA Victory Road was last Sunday and I heard it was a good show. I didn’t get the chance to see it, so I can’t properly comment on the show.

    WWE Monday Night Raw was disappointing in my eyes. While there were a few very good in-ring segments, the matches dragged the show down big-time.

    TNA Impact Wrestling put on a good show, but it was a major step down from what they’ve been producing so far this year.

    ROH Wrestling is once again a week behind due to the show not airing in Connecticut. The ROH wrestlers are very talented and know how to put on a good match.

    WWE Friday Night SmackDown was an overall good show. The matches were fine and the segments were good as well.

    It’s because of that I’m giving SmackDown the “Show of the Week” award, which is the first time I’ve given it to the blue brand.

    While Raw and Impact Wrestling have more moments featured, SmackDown was just an overall better show.

    Here are my top 10 moments of the week!

No. 10: Jack Swagger vs. Zack Ryder

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    I thought this was a good match that had some nice back-and-forth action. It was an enjoyable match to watch, which was good for Jack Swagger.

    Swagger has been losing a lot of points with me lately. He’s been boring in the ring and his United States championship win via a squash didn’t help matters.

    This match gives me hope that WWE is letting him showcase his skills as a wrestler. It would also help if he got a new gimmick.

    The All-American American gimmick has gotten so stale and boring. I fear, though, that if he was given a new gimmick it would be something ridiculous like the Funkasaurus.

    His current gimmick would actually work fine if WWE let him show that he was an All-American instead of a lackey to Vickie Guerrero.

    Despite his major de-push lately, the crowd still loves Zack Ryder. His character is still very likeable and he can put on a good match when given the chance.

    His major problem is that he’s still stuck with Eve. Ever since getting paired up with her, his push slowly started to die until it was killed entirely.

    With the draft coming up, I hope Ryder gets drafted so he can start anew!

No. 9: Sting Steps Down as General Manager of TNA

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    Part 2

    Since Sting took control of Impact Wrestling after Bound for Glory, and Bobby Roode won the World championship a few weeks later, he and the champion have been on a major collision course.

    Roode would cheat to retain his title every time. Whether he was getting himself disqualified or getting some help from Bully Ray, Roode has been retaining his title time after time, much to the dismay of Sting.

    Things boiled over at Against All Odds, and Sting vs. Bobby Roode was made for Victory Road.

    Roode managed to defeat the Icon but winning wasn’t enough.

    He smacked Sting with a chair and tied him up in the corner, while he also threatened Dixie Carter.

    This past Thursday Dixie wanted to fire him, but Sting stepped down as general manager instead.

    His suggestion for a replacement? The immortal Hulk Hogan.

    I actually liked Sting in the GM role, but he was really getting way too involved in the storylines.

    I’m starting to think that TNA would be better off without an on-air authority figure. Unfortunately, that may not happen.

    I didn’t mention Hogan in the title because I haven’t come to a decision about his involvement yet.

    I want to wait to see where this is going before I formulate an opinion on it.

No. 8: The X-Division Championship Match

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    Despite the ending, this was a good, entertaining match—it was fast-paced and didn’t have a dull moment.

    The TNA fans saw some nice high-flying moves and also saw the Tower of Doom, which is always good to see!

    Austin Aries continues to be the one of the best in TNA, with his in-ring ability and his cocky attitude.

    Zema Ion and Kid Kash were quite good as well, but I actually think that Anthony Nese was the star of this match.

    Nese debuted last year during the beginnings of the X-Division revival, but he hasn’t really been used much since then.

    He is quite impressive in the ring, and this particular high-flying move was one of the highlights of the match.

    I really hope fans get to see more of him as the year progresses.

    Bully Ray’s actions were kind of a spit in the face of the division and the title, but I have a feeling that will be leading to one hell of a feud.

No. 7: Bully Ray

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    Bully Ray started the night “super freaking pissed,” and threatened to take hostages.

    It was a very short promo, but it had a lot of effect. The fans have seen Bully Ray angered before, and it never ends well for the people in his way.

    That held true as he attacked the participants in the X-Division championship match.

    The bully slid in and took out Zema Ion, Anthony Nese and Kid Kash, but pissed off Austin Aries.

    When he attacked Aries, the seeds were planted for something potentially big.

    Having Bully Ray interrupt a title match surely angered a lot of fans, especially since it was an X-Division match.

    While he diminished the title and insulted the division, Bully Ray advanced his heel character nicely.

    The bully is so annoyed with the way his career is going right now, that he’s willing to take on an entire division to make his point.

    This is either going to lead to Bully Ray vs. the X-Division or, my personal favorite, Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries.

    The big bad bully wanted to show that he was pissed, but by doing so he may have messed with the wrong man.

    I think a Bully Ray/Austin Aries feud would be fantastic and the highlight of the spring!

No. 6: Roderick Strong vs. Jay Lethal

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    Ring of Honor returns to the top 10 when Jay Lethal defeated Roderick Strong.

    While the match was slow to start, it picked up quickly and ended up being a great encounter between very talented wrestlers.

    It featured some nice action and showcased the skills of both men.

    I said it last week, but I will say it again: TNA were fools for letting Lethal go.

    He’s getting the push he deserves as the current ROH television champion, and is well on his way to the ROH World championship.

    The last time I saw Roderick Strong was about six years ago when he briefly appeared in TNA. I was impressed with him then, and my interest in the wrestler was renewed in this match.

    Strong is a great talent inside the ring, and I want to see more of him because of that.

    I’m really glad that ROH posts the show on their website; I just wish it wasn’t a week behind.

No. 5: The Rock’s Promo and Message to John Cena

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    Message to Cena

    I enjoyed this segment, though I don’t think it was as strong as previous Rock promos.

    Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but I wasn’t as entertained as I have been the past few weeks.

    I liked how he went into WrestleMania and how guys like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are considered some of the greatest of all time because of their WrestleMania moments and their overall accolades.

    The Rock wanted to become the greatest of all time, but this is where he lost me.

    He said that to become the greatest he needed to defeat John Cena.

    The title of “greatest of all time” will always be under debate, but the Rock will forever be considered one of the best to ever step foot inside of the ring.

    The greatest ever will always depend on who you talk to.

    Flair is sometimes considered the greatest wrestler in the business, while Hogan is sometimes considered the greatest entertainer.

    Some people may put the Rock on top of a list, but to call someone the greatest of all time will always be a matter of opinion.

    Defeating John Cena won’t make anyone the “greatest,” it’ll just put another notch in the win column.

    I loved the Rock’s message to Cena later on, though.

    Enter…Rock Bottom…leave!

    It was a simple course of action, but it delivered a big message to the face of the WWE.

    It may be impressive that Cena can lift Mark Henry onto his shoulders, but I think it’s a bit more impressive that the Rock can lift Henry with one arm.

No. 4: CM Punk and Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan and the Miz

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    Even though I’m getting bored of the tag-team main event in WWE, I thought this was a good match.

    There was some nice action throughout, and all four wrestlers performed quite well.

    The Miz was definitely the sacrificial lamb in this match, though. I questioned his involvement here as he has nothing to do with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan or Sheamus when it comes to WrestleMania.

    As the match progressed, I figured out his purpose. His purpose in this match was to get pinned.

    Seeing the world champion get pinned by his challenger, or the other world champion, makes him look weak leading into the big event.

    The Miz was there to keep Bryan looking strong and to keep his losing streak alive.

    The former awesome superstar has been on quite the embarrassing losing streak as of late, but I think it’s leading to something big.

    With no match for the Miz at WrestleMania, I think he’ll be getting involved in one of the matches.

    It’ll most likely be one of the main events, as that would be a good way to get him back into the title hunt.

No. 3: The Return of the Motorcity Machine Guns Teased

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    The Motorcity Machine Guns were formed in 2007 and immediately became very popular with fans due the fast-paced styles of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley.

    After winning the Tag Team championship in 2010 and holding it for 182 days, the team would go inactive for three months after Shelley went down with an injury.

    When he did return, the team once again had to be put on hold as Sabin went down with an injury of his own the same day Shelley came back.

    While Sabin and Shelley wrestled singles matches while the other was out, it wasn’t the same.

    It has been over a year since the TNA fans have seen the Guns together, but that will be changing soon.

    At Victory Road, a video aired hyping the return of the team, and it aired again this past Thursday on Impact Wrestling.

    I am very excited for the Guns' return. The tag-team division hasn’t been the same without them, and a feud with current champions Samoa Joe and Magnus should be great!

No. 2: The End of an Era Promo

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    I thought this was a good segment, but I don’t think it should have closed the show.

    Then again, none of the matches on Raw were that good, so I guess an in-ring segment was the better overall choice.

    All three men were quite good on the mic here, and it did advance the storyline nicely.

    Despite what Shawn Michaels said last week, his refereeing could really go either way. HBK teased screwing the Undertaker again, but the Deadman was very adamant that the match needed to be pure.

    When Triple H came out, he basically ignored that Michaels was there. He mentioned how HBK’s ego was making the match about him, and it looked like Michaels didn’t like that comment too much.

    To me, the best part of this were the Undertaker’s final words.

    As he was about to leave, he decided to get back in the Game’s face and simply say, “You remember when I said Shawn was better than you…he is.”

    Michaels’ cocky smile afterwards really sold it.

    That is now in the back of Triple H’s head and could result in him denying any help from HBK to prove the Deadman wrong.

    This match will come down to Shawn Michaels and, right now, it can go either way.

No. 1: The CM Punk/Chris Jericho Promo

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    Part 2

    This was a great segment right here.

    Punk has been at the top of his game on the mic since his worked shoot, and this was no exception.

    There were no pipe bombs dropped, the WWE champion spoke from the heart and delivered quite the emotional promo.

    Promos filled with emotion tend to be the best because the wrestler is speaking about something they know about.

    It was the emotion that Punk conveyed that made this a very powerful segment.

    Chris Jericho has always been good on the mic, even back in his WCW days, and he seems to get better with age.

    Jericho’s deadpan delivery of his promo was top notch and really added to the emotion of Punk. Y2J didn’t need to show emotion here, as that was Punk’s job.

    These mind games Jericho is playing with Punk is really adding to this feud. You can only say “I’m the best in the world and I’m going to prove it” so many times before it gets stale.

    The WWE universe knows that both men consider themselves the best in the world and are hell bent on proving it.

    The storyline needed something to bring it to the next level, and it happened when Jericho began to reveal Punk’s dark family secrets.

    This feud has become very personal and it’s exactly what it needed!