Lacrosse Goal Video: Watch John Grant Jr. Score Absurd Behind-the-Back Goal

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John Grant, Jr. of the Colorado Mammoth delivered an incredible behind-the-back goal, which was his third goal of the first quarter.

Don't disregard this if it's not your sport of choice. I don't care if you're not a lacrosse fan. Some plays and highlights are so amazing that you can enjoy them simply on their visual excellence.

It's the equivalent of watching Bo Jackson run up the wall in Kansas City or Jerome Simpson leaping into a somersault in the end zone—or even Julius Erving soaring from one side of the basket to the other, while flipping the ball off the glass and in the basket.

No deep understanding of the nuances of the sport required--this is one of those plays.

This was ridiculous. I watched this about five times before I even started writing. I wanted to see the placement of the shot and if the goalie even saw where he got beat.

It didn't matter—it happened so fast, the goalie was as much a witness as we are pressing play on the Youtube video.

Part Lionel Messi, part Alex Ovechkin, part Steve Nash, but all good.

The confidence to even try this is amazing, let alone the accuracy required to fit it into such a small window. 

The team Grant victimizes is the Philadelphia Wings. I'm sure they were hoping he stayed seated for the rest of the game after this gem, but he didn't.

He'd score three more goals before it was over, which was half the Mammoth's total.

The Wings did rebound from the epic goal to win the game 13-12, but the outcome can't erase this awesome play from our memory.

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