NBA Draft 2012: 5 Players That Would Complement Derrick Rose

Michael Gibbons@DachicagofanCorrespondent IIMarch 28, 2012

NBA Draft 2012: 5 Players That Would Complement Derrick Rose

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    The Chicago Bulls have been looking to find someone too play alongside Derrick Rose for years.

    First they had Ben Gordon, but ultimately his lack of defense and his requirement to have to ball to succeed wasn't a great fit.

    Next the role went to Kirk Hinrich. I loved Hinrich, but the amount of time he had to spend guarding opposing shooting guards, at his size, probably hurt his career.

    Last season they are the trio of Keith Bogans, Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer. None have much upside and alone were great fits. Now if you could have combined them all, then they may have really had something.

    This offseason they added Richard Hamilton, and while it is a nice move, it isn't a long-term answer. Hell, with him only playing in 16 games so far this season it hasn't been much of a short-term answer either.

    With so much money invested in Rose, Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng, it will be difficult to acquire someone through free agency. Therefore their best bet is the draft.

    So who are five guys that might be perfect fits to start alongside Rose for years to come?

Tony Wroten Jr.

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    You might be asking yourself, why would the Bulls need another point guard?

    Well Tony Wroten Jr. is a big point guard but has the potential to be a good shooting guard.

    Think Jamal Crawford who can finish at the rim.

    Wroten is 6'5" and can do everything you want a point guard to do, but with that being said, he is not a good shooter.

    My thinking behind this is that position really doesn't matter as long as Rose is in the backcourt. Wroten could run the point at times and take some of the pressure off Rose.

    Wroten isn't a guy who can step in year one and contribute, but given how deep the Bulls are, he could learn a lot from guys like Richard Hamilton and Ronnie Brewer.

Austin Rivers

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    I would assume if Doc Rivers could pick any coach he would want his son to play for, besides himself, he'd pick Tom Thibodeau.

    The question now is could Austin Rivers play alongside Derrick Rose?

    Rivers is a little small to play shooting guard in the NBA at 6'4" but you can tell the talent is undeniable.

    He is a good shooter and is quick enough to penetrate the lane. Also he is a pretty good ball handler but needs to work on developing his left hand.

    Sounds funny saying that a prospect like Rivers needs to work on his left. It would seem like a kid with his pedigree would be a little more polished. 

    While looking at Rivers freshman year, it may not appear he would be a great fit next to Rose, but I got to believe that potential is there.

    I personally think Rivers could benefit greatly from returning to Duke. 

Terrence Ross

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    While making this list, I tried to look at the best prospects as well as finding guys the Bulls could actually get in the draft.

    Well Terrance Ross might be the guy the Bulls could actually acquire in the draft.

    Ross is projected to be picked in the late-teens or early 20s and is almost everything Tom Thibodeau would want in a shooting guard.

    He is a slasher who can also shoot and has the power to finish at the basket.

    Ross also is a pretty good defender and showed improvement from his freshman to sophomore year. He improved his field goal, free throw and three-point shooting as well as every other statistic. 

    He might not be the flashy name, but he could be the future backcourt mate for Derrick Rose.

Jeremy Lamb

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    Jeremy Lamb is projected to be a lottery pick or be selected just outside of it.

    But if the Bulls could somehow position themselves to grab him, it might set up a destiny no one can stop.

    Lamb has a freakish wingspan that might remind people of Scottie Pippen. While listed at 6'5" he has a 7-foot wingspan and is a pretty good defender.

    He is a decent shooter but needs to develop a three-point shot. He reminds me a lot of Luol Deng, deadly inside the arc but has the potential to improve outside of it.

    Lamb also excels off the ball, which is required if you want to play alongside Derrick Rose.

Bradley Beal

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    This might be a dream since he is ranked third on Chad Ford's big board, but wouldn't Bradley Beal look great alongside Derrick Rose?

    The biggest knock on Beal is at 6'5" and 195 lbs he might be a little small to be a starting shooting guard in the NBA. With that being said, he is only 18 years old and still has potential to grow and fill out.

    Beal is the total package. He can shoot, dribble, rebound and he is actually a pretty good rebounder.

    While he has not officially announced his intent to declare for the draft, he is projected to be a top five pick.

    I wonder what it would take to move up and get him?