Vickie Guerrero: How Long Do We Have To Keep Up With Her???

The One You FearCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2009

So how long do we need to keep up with this devil Smackdown! manager??? No one likes her, except Edge. On top of that, she hasn't really made any good matches on Smackdown (but RAW does). Everytime she gets in to the ring, people start booing her!

So that's why this article is called How Long Do We Have To Keep Up With Her???Because she really isn't doing her job. She only helps her love Edge, which makes Edge the most powerful wrestler on Smackdown! because he has the GM on his side.

So I just decided to write this super short article and ask you how long do we have to keep up with Vickie???

Comment the article and we will see what you think!!!