Top Ten Reasons I’m Glad the Red Sox Locked Up Kevin Youkilis

Don SpielesCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2009

10. Youkilis was in “Milk Money” with Melanie Griffith.  Sure, the movie sucked and it was only one line from a then 14 year-old Youk, but back then Melanie Griffith was hot!Kevin & Enza

9.  Kevin’s Jewish.  A very much under-represented group in professional sports.   

8.  Youk hit 29 homers last season.  I like homers.

7.  Enza, Kevin’s wife.  Not only is she a hottie, he’s not.  It give hope to millions of men around the world.  

6.  According to Wikipedia (source of all knowledge) an on-base plus slugging percentage of .900 puts a player in the upper echelon of offensive ability.  Youkilis posted a 1.43 last season and his career thus far shows a 1.19.

5. That crazy batting stance.  I don’t know where he developed that, but it makes me think of all those guys over the years who you could identify a mile away of they were at the plate.  (Rose, Carew, Clemente, and so on.)

4.  Youk holds the record for most consecutive errorless games a first base.  Consistency, man.

3.   Fire.  Remember when Manny took a swing at Youk in the dugout during that Rays game.  Do you remember why?  It was because Manny got annoyed by Youk’s anger over his own bad at-bat.  Imagine that? A player who wanted to do his best every performance regardless of the score?  Wow!

2.  One word:  GOATEE!

And the number one reason I’m Glad the Red Sox Locked up Kevin Youkilis…

1.   I’m old enough to remember the end of the era where a player would spend most, if not all, of his career with a team.  You would put your favorite player up on a pedestal and know that he would most likely be playing for your favorite team for a long time. From what I can tell, Kevin Youkilis is a hard working ball player who really cares about winning and gives is all no matter what.  I’d be satisfied if my son had a Kevin Youkilis poster on his wall that at least he’d picked a decent role model.