Kansas City Chiefs: "HIGH HOPES"

Joe JonesCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2009

The  pieces to the puzzle are starting to come together in Kansas City. With the departure of Carl "the turth"  Peterson, the Chiefs now have the Muhammad Ali of football GM's.

Yes, Carl built a franchise that was very respectable for many years, bringing in the likes of a Marty Shottenhiemer, Bill Cowher, Dick Vermiel, and a host of talented players, like the late Derrick Thomas, but as the saying goes, all good things come to in end.

As Carl rides off into the sunset, there's a new sheriff in town, Scott Poli...Scott brings an impressive resume to the club. He's built a team that in my life time, never thought that the New England Patriots would be a powerhouse.

I'm old school and go back to the likes of Steve Grogan & co...They where one of the worst teams in the NFL for years—who would have thunk it?

Now they are the model franchise. Scott Poli will have to bring order back to the Chiefs, gone are the Hank Strams, the Willie Laniers,the Curley Culps, and Len Dawsons,,but out there are the Bill Cowhers, Mike Shanahan, he has a important decision to make in the future of Herm Edwards and Larry Johnson.

The team has plenty of youth and talent and good draft picks, if he uses the karma he use to build the Patriots the Chiefs should be a contender very soon. Only time will tell and we can only sit and wait, but the next few months should give us a good idea in what the 2009 Kansas City Chiefs will be made of.