Mickael Pietrus Leaves Sixers Game with Freak Neck Injury

Mike MehtaContributor IIMarch 23, 2012

Pietrus is an integral part of the Celtics bench and lockeroom
Pietrus is an integral part of the Celtics bench and lockeroomElsa/Getty Images

Mickael Pietrus suffered an unknown (currently) injury in the second quarter against the Philadelphia 76ers Friday.  While driving towards the rim, Pietrus got his arms tied up with Lou Williams and fell awkwardly to the ground (Williams was called for a foul).  His head did not hit the ground, but his neck snapped back violently in a whiplash-like motion.  He immediately grabbed his head, causing belief that there was a head/neck injury.

Pietrus was clearly grimacing in pain while the Celtics medical staff examined him.  He attempted to curl into the fetal position while laying sideways on the ground.  After a minute or so, he was lying motionless on his back.

A stretcher was brought out to carry him to the local hospital.  Trainers and medical staff were very careful in dealing with Pietrus.  They did their best not to move him until truly necessary.

ESPN announcers stated that Pieturs had vomited, while Celtics sideline report Greg Dickerson reported that Pietrus had coughed up blood.

The entire Celtics squad circled around him with Kevin Garnett speaking directly to him. The 76ers, led by their head coach Doug Collins, huddled together and said a prayer for Pietrus.  Garnett was seen wiping away tears as well.

Pietrus was starting in place of Ray Allen, who was sitting out due to a sore left ankle.  Marquis Daniels is filling in for Pietrus now.

UPDATE:  Pietrus was said to be moving his fingers, toes, and other 'extremities' just fine.  He was able to speak with the medical staff as well.