May the Schwartz Be With You!

Jim SwansonContributor IJanuary 16, 2009

I think the decision to hire Jim Schwartz as the head coach of the Detroit Lions was a good choice. First, Schwartz has a background in scouting. The Lions have not hired a director of player personnel so Schwartz can help improve the talent base of this football team.

Former Coach Rod Marinelli did not have any aptitude towards identifying talent, as did the man that hired him. Marinelli's strength was defense and this was the worst defense I have ever seen on the football field, and this includes pop warner.

This team was starting players that were at best reserves. Dewayne White, Jared DeVries, Corey Smith, and Paris Lenon to name a few are best when they play in situations in which they can succeed, not on every snap. 

I think that Schwartz will be able to devise a scheme that can make this defense play competitive football with the talent at his disposal. Schwartz has paid his dues, and I believe, given the chance to succeed, he will make this team competitive again.