Lack Of MMA Events

Travis AtkinsonContributor IJanuary 16, 2009

Forever the only organization the American public has known is the UFC. But the UFC was not even the start of it all. Before the UFC, Pancrase started MMA in Japan but never got any exposure. I was looking at the upcoming fight cards that can be viewed on ppv and tv and its all UFC and WEC. There has to be other options.

Years ago there was a battle for ratings between the UFC and Pride but Pride went bankrupt and was eventually purchased by ZUFFA. EliteXC was the next big thing but bad management by Gary Shaw saw the demise of that promotion.

Now you have companies like Affliction, Dream, and Strikeforce. The problem is Affliction does not have enough events, Dream should be shown on ppv and Strikeforce is only available on the internet.

Last year the UFC put on some amazing events with amazing fights but after watching the Dreams they were equally good. Affliction had an astonishing show in July but eventually they will go bankrupt because they overpay their athletes. Tim Sylvia made 800K to lose in 36 seconds, that just is not right.