WWE News: John Cena Might Move to SmackDown in This Year's WWE Draft Lottery

Cory Coolson@CoolsonBRCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

I believe that the face of the WWE, John Cena, could very well be drafted in this year's WWE draft.

I think that if Cena doesn't get drafted, a few big names like Chris Jericho or CM Punk could very well be drafted in place for Cena.

This sounds a little far-fetched, doesn't it? And no, I don't believe that there will be any sort of shenanigans or loopholes with this either; I think Cena has a legitimate shot of being drafted this year.

Over six months ago on WWE programming, Triple H announced that Monday Night Raw will no longer be exclusive to Raw superstars. Hunter announced that stars from NXT or SmackDown are invited to compete at Raw.

This would open the doors for top SmackDown stars like Sheamus, Randy Orton, Big Show and Mark Henry to appear on Raw each week and have a match or segment.

WWE has really utilized this concept as SmackDown superstars have really been appearing on Raw on a weekly basis.

The Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes program was launched on Raw. Most of the major happenings in that 'Mania feud have occurred on Raw.

Rhodes cost Show a possible WWE title opportunity on Raw, and the feud hit its peak this Raw when Rhodes punched out Big Show with boxing gloves—parodying what hit boxer, Floyd Mayweather, did to Show at WrestleMania 24.

The point I'm trying to get at is it doesn't matter if you're on Raw or SmackDown anymore—you're destined to appear on Raw nonetheless.

John Cena could be a SmackDown superstar, but could shoot all his major angles and programs on Raw. He could have a few segments or matches on SmackDown.

This could help out SmackDown big time. The SmackDown show sales would implode when Cena's advertised, and SmackDown ratings could very well increase too—no promises on that one.

You're going to have to take my word for this, but I've been considering this idea in my mind for a while now—specifically since WWE began really utilizing the "Raw Supershow" idea.

But I decided it would need to be discussed when I saw an exclusive report on WrestleZone.com stating Vince has indeed been considering this idea for the very same reason. I have to give props for Mr. McMahon there—way to think outside the box.

If Vince is reportedly considering it, it might just happen. So make sure you pitch this idea to your friends a few times so you can brag mirthlessly if this actually happens.

Anyway, prop this article, leave a comment, follow me on Twitter @CoryCoolson and make sure you state your honest thoughts on this article. Negative comments are encouraged just as much as positive comments. Until next time, stay cool guys.


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