WWE Draft: Time for a Change

Barry SaundersContributor IIIMarch 23, 2012

WWE Draft: Time for a Change

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    First, thanks to Big Nick Finocchio. If it were not for his article about the draft, I would have forgotten about it.

    What was once an event of interest, the WWE draft has become a joke.

    There was a time when I looked forward to the WWE draft. It reminded me of the NFL draft, the only highlight of the football off season. The WWE's draft used to be a time of excitement, a time of what could be. Now, it has morphed into a ratings grabber, a show tossed into the April or May lineup to get high ratings. And the last draft where John Cena was first drafted to SmackDown then was drafted back to Raw, that was just down right silly.

    There are times when I truly believe WWE makes up their stories as they go along. So in an effort to save my second favorite sport—I love the NFL—I have come up with seven ways to make my second favorite draft even better!

    Now do keep in mind, some of these ideas were formed while drinking...

Build Up to It

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    For starters, build some anticipation for it.

    Start at WrestleMania 28. Have backstage segments where some of the lower rung guys are talking about what they heard about this year’s draft, and have John Laurinaitis or Teddy Long come by and say, "When I become GM of both shows I…” and let it lead somewhere.

Set Three Rounds

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    The first round will allow for each show to choose from five draft picks from FCW. Let the top ten guys in FCW fight it out in a battle royal style tournament. The winner is the first round pick and gets a check/bonus for winning.

And Now What

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    Ultimately, Raw and SmackDown will have their own event—Six-Man Tag, WarGames, etc.—to decide which show will earn the top pick. The winning show will get three picks total in Round One including the first pick, as well as the first pick in Round Two.

The Second Round

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    This round would consist of the guys we see week in and week out. To make it interesting, the guy who wins the event, which determines who picks for his show, gets to say where he wants to go. Meanwhile, the person who loses becomes the first to be drafted.

Use the Divas

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    Come on. They are hot and I, for one, would rather see a diva introduce the picks.

Make the Supplemental Draft Mean Something

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    Have the guys in the back who are going to be in the supplemental draft begin to feud with the bigger named stars. The WWE should incorporate more “reality” driven feuds onto TV.

Time for Change

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    There is loads of talent backstage and if they are earning a paycheck…use them. Why the hell should I or anyone else have to see friggin’ Santino Marella each and every week?