WWE News: Diamond Dallas Page Makes His Picks for Rock/Cena, UnderTaker/Triple H

Chris Humphrey@@_CBH_Correspondent IMarch 23, 2012

H/T: bugbyteswallarts.wordpress.com
H/T: bugbyteswallarts.wordpress.com

During his career, former world heavyweight champion Diamond Dallas Page had plenty of great moments through the years in his time with WCW and the WWE, including his own WrestleMania moment in 2002.

With two gigantic matches on the card for this year’s WrestleMania, who does DDP see winning the matches between the Rock and John Cena and the Hell in a Cell match between Undertaker and Triple H?

From Wrestling News Source via Wrestling Voice Radio:

Why he believes Triple H will end the streak: But I gotta put my money on Triple H, he's gotta still be there. 'Taker has had the best run anyone could ever imagine and my money says Triple H. I could be wrong and he might go 20-0, but Triple H has still got 20 years sitting in that seat. The way they played it last year he pretty much ended it right there." 

John Cena or The Rock: "I'm gonna go with Cena, The Rock doesn't have to win any matches. In his career, he lost a lot of matches and today I'm picking Cena.

With the picks of Triple H to break the streak of the Undertaker and John Cena to defeat the Rock at WrestleMania, I think DDP didn’t make any new fans here on Bleacher Report today.

As for the Hell in a Cell match between the Game and the Phenom, I have said here on B/R multiple times that the WWE should not let Triple H end the streak of the Undertaker this year.

Triple H doesn’t need the accomplishment of ending the streak to add to his impressive resume with the WWE, so the Undertaker should improve his undefeated mark at WrestleMania to 20-0 April 1.

While I’m certain DDP’s pick of John Cena to win at WrestleMania isn’t very popular, I do agree with Page that Cena will win over the Rock in Miami, as I can’t see the WWE giving Rock the win when he’s going to take off again after WrestleMania.

In the end, I think DDP’s picks will go 1-1 at WrestleMania, but there are six other matches on the card that he can pick from to get over the .500 mark.

So Bleachers, do the picks by Diamond Dallas Page match up with the ones you have made for Undertaker-Triple H and John Cena-The Rock at WrestleMania on April 1?



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