Funniest People in Sports

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Funniest People in Sports

There actually aren't all that many funny people in sports. Not that everyone in the sports world is a painfully humorless bore—although there are plenty of those too (I'm looking at you, Nick Saban). The environment itself just doesn't naturally lend itself to comedy. 

The intensely competitive nature of the sports themselves means that most athletes don't consider anything within the context of the game funny; which is understandable. Many of them are literally putting their lives on the line just by walking onto the field of play—obviously something worth taking seriously. 

And then there's the largely humorless sports media. There are a few exceptions, but overall the sports media serves as a national wet blanket for fans and players alike. Honestly though, that's just a reflection of how serious fans are about their sport—they are intense and they want the media to be intense too…and always agree with them. 

But as you know, there are exceptions to almost every rule. The world of professional sports might be an uber-competitive hotbed of anger and raw masculinity, but clowns and comedians slip through the cracks every now and again.

Here are 20 of the most legitimately funny people in sports.  

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