WWE WrestleMania 28: Why the Pay-Per-View Could Disappoint

Aakash VasaCorrespondent IIMarch 23, 2012

We're barely two weeks away from the biggest event of the summer. The matches are set in stone, the buildup is all done—save for another episode of Raw—and we're all geared up for WrestleMania 28.

The hype surrounding this event is palpable and nd the expectations are sky high. That might be the reason WrestleMania could suffer.

Here are a few reasons why I think WM28 may disappoint us:

1. A useless Divas match.

I know what you're thinking.

Who cares about the Divas anyways? Well, I do. And I'm extremely disgusted that there's a trashy, inconsequential Divas match added to the card.

What happened to Tamina and her push?

Why isn't Natalya on the card?

Why is the Divas title not being defended on the biggest stage of them all?

Where is Kharma? 
WWE consistently continues to disappoint us, and I commend them for that.

2. Lack of star power in world title match.

Let's be honest here—Daniel Bryan has been awesome over the past few months, and Sheamus has been on a monster face run since last summer. However, they are not Randy Orton and John Cena. The match does not have a title match feel to it at all. I commend WWE for taking a risk with two comparatively less star-studded wrestlers in the world title match this year, but it might backfire. 

3. Title matches neglected over main events.

Titles officially mean nothing in the WWE. Nothing at all.

How else would you justify the world heavyweight championship match coming in fourth place in terms of prestige at this year's event?

In favour of main events like Rock-Cena and Taker-HHH, the buildup of the title matches have taken a severe hit. While the Punk-Jericho feud was finally taken to a new level last week by Jericho, Bryan-Sheamus has been lacklustre. Let's just hope the titles become the top prize again after WrestleMania.

Best uppercard ever? Might not be good enough.
Best uppercard ever? Might not be good enough.

4. Absence of Shaquille O'Neal.

While the hardcore fan would not care about celebrity guests like Shaq, and would watch the event irrespective of his presence, he's a huge attraction for casual fans.

His absence will be a major blow, as WM28 will not have a huge celebrity guest star (Maria Menounos does not count). With his rumored match against Big Show not coming to fruition, Shaq will take away with him a few thousand pay-per-view buys.

5. Predictable main-event result.

John Cena versus The Rock.

The Leader of the Cenation vs The Captain of Team Bring It.

The Clash of the Titans.

The Biggest Match in the history of the WWE.

Has the most predictable ending.

Let's face it. Cena will win. Cena should win. There is no way Rocky can walk out of Miami as the victor.

The passing of the torch will happen. All that remains to be seen is whether Cena becomes SuperCena, or whether he turns into SneakyHeelCena.

And the latter's chances of happening, like it has always been, are as slim as Slim Jim.

An event where the main event's result seems quite obvious may have difficulty in succeeding.
Let's just hope that I'm proved wrong and WrestleMania 28 becomes the greatest night professional wrestling has ever seen!



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