Kentucky Proving They Are Top 25 Worthy: Statistics Show How Good They Are

Justin FiehrerCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2009

After yet another slow start to the college basketball season the Kentucky Wildcats are on a surge again, but this time they're better.

After the multiple shots heard round the world by Jodie Meeks, and the 90-72 blasting the Cats gave the Tennessee Volunteers Tuesday night, the Kentucky Wildcats are finally starting to prove that they are top 25 worthy. Not only the better play of late by the Cats, but from a statistical standpoint as well, Kentucky is up there.

Starting offensively for Kentucky, the Cats rank eighth nationally in points per game, while they rank fifth in field-goal percentage. 303 of Kentucky's points this season have come off free throws, and that's because nationally Kentucky is third in free throw percentage. And although Kentucky has a concern from the turnover department, the Cats are improving and actually rank 10th in assists per game in the nation.

Not only is Kentucky becoming a threat offensively, but they are an intimidating factor defensively. The Cats are ranked 11th nationally in field goal percentage defense. That's the reason why they rank fourth in defensive rebounds. Kentucky is also an incredible third in blocked shots per game, and they rank in at 20th in scoring margin, a category they struggled with in the SEC last season hanging on to every victory late in games.

To go along with the stats as a team, Patrick Patterson and Jodie Meeks for Kentucky are putting up national numbers themselves worthy of All-Americans. The last time the Cats had an All-American they went to the elite eight.

The stats are there in front of them, showing how good they really are. Now the wins are starting to come and prove those stats. Now the last national ranking is the team overall itself. Shouldn't be too long.