Out with Scott Boras!!

MikeContributor IJanuary 16, 2009

Hope like I don't sound like it, because I'm not a sulking Red Sox "lost Teixeia" fan but...

Something needs to bee done with the way things are going now adays.

Does anyone else think that if Manny didn't dump his old agent to take on Boras that he'd still be a Red Sox guy now. Sure he always had his issues about being traded for the past five years or so but he always produced...Until he hooked up with Boras, who wouldn't make a dime off Manny if the Sox picked up any of the two option years they had.

All the sudden Manny is in L.A. playing for next years contract that Boras would get a commission off of and Manny is on fire. Hmmmm.

But in a weird way, Manny probably would have gotten a decent deal from the Yankees 'til Tex(another Boras guy)signed there and the Yankees don't really need the big Manny bat so much and now Manny's kinda screwed by Boras taking care of his bigger commission guy.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but there's been things over the years that seemed sketchy, but didn't this whole Yankees swooping in at the last minute for Tex scream Boras/Yankees working together...behind the scenes (yes, I know Tex wasn't a fan of the Sox, but that was the old regime). 


Let me know what you think....is there a Boras/Yankee/Selig thing going on?