TNA Impact Wrestling: Sting Steps Down, Hulk Hogan, the X-Division and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMarch 23, 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling opened with footage of the post-match actions of Bobby Roode at Victory Road.

I liked how they mixed video with stills but they just gave away the ending of Victory Road for free.

I understand that they needed to sell what Roode did, but a few stills would have sufficed.

Dixie Carter then made her way out and said that Roode disrespected TNA and the fans for the past six months.

She’s been talking to attorneys and management consultants about what to do and felt that there was only one thing to do. Sting then came out and said that he never gave her a reason to not trust him.

Firing Roode is the right decision but it would be letting him off easy.

He then wanted to talk about his general manager position but the show cut to commercial.

Really, a commercial during an in-ring segment?

Back from the commercial and Sting declared that he did the best that he could, but he came alive at the PPV. He can’t be both a GM and a wrestler.

He had a concussion so he needed to go home and rest but would return better than ever as a wrestler.

He then stepped down as GM and suggested Hulk Hogan for the job.

While I liked Sting as an authority figure, he got way too involved in storylines. It really is best that he sticks to wrestling since he can still go.

Dixie Carter just makes a boring on-screen character. When she’s showing emotion she doesn’t have me believing that she’s actually upset.

She should just stick to signing checks.

As for the possibility of Hogan being in charge again, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I need time to think about it.

Backstage, Bully Ray is “super freaking pissed.” He will take hostages and take out all in his way.

His promo was short and sweet. I loved it! If it wasn’t for Bobby Roode, the bully would be the best heel in TNA.

Austin Ares vs. Zema Ion vs. Anthony Nese vs. Kid Kash: X-Division Championship

The match ended in a no-contest when Bully Ray attacked all four wrestlers.

Despite the ending, this was a good, entertaining match. It was fast-paced and didn’t have a dull moment.

The fans also got to witness some nice high-flying moves, especially from Nese and the Tower of Doom, which is always good to see!

I’m on the fence about what Bully Ray did.

On one hand, he diminished the meaning of the title, but on the other hand he advanced his heel character nicely.

It also sets up what could be a great feud between Bully Ray and Austin Aries.

It’s because of that possibility I’m overall fine with what happened.

Backstage, Josh Lewis from Repo Games is towing Mexican America’s car. He asked them three questions about Mexico but they only got one right.

Lewis would hold until after their matches as they promised to have the money after winning the titles. Well that was dumb.

ODB and Eric Young vs. Sarita and Rosita: Knockout’s Tag Team Championship

The champions retained when ODB hit the Bam on Rosita, kissed Eric Young and threw him on her for the pin.

This was a decent match that I felt would have been a lot better if there was more ODB/Sarita action.

EY was all about his usual comedy, but that’s all he can really do. Spike TV apparently has a “no man-on-woman violence” policy so he can’t do anything.

I love the EY/ODB pairing but they really shouldn’t have the belts.

In fact, TNA should just scrap the titles. They’ve done nothing for the Knockout division since day one.

Backstage, Crimson is watching Matt Morgan’s Direct Auto Insurance commercial. He declared that people didn’t want to see him; they want to see their undefeated hero.

They lost the titles because of Morgan, and he was holding Crimson down.

Next week, both of them will have a match, but then Morgan ran in and attacked Crimson. Morgan would pound away on him until security could pull him away.

It’s about time TNA continued this feud. They have put it off way too long.

While I think this will last until Slammiversary, I hope it just ends at Lockdown.

Both of them need to beat the hell out of each other, then move on.

Crimson would make a great television champion, though I’d like see Morgan finally get his proper shot in the main event.

Elsewhere, Dixie Carter doesn’t know what to think or what to do. I know what you should do...stay off of television!

Staying backstage, Jeff Hardy talked of Kurt Angle. He cheated at Victory Road and wanted a rematch at Lockdown.

Joe Parks then appeared looking for Abyss. Hardy hadn’t seen him so Parks have him his card.

I like the idea of Hardy and Angle in a cage. It has the possibility of stealing the show.

I’m really starting to wonder where this Joe Parks/Abyss storyline is going. It’s very interesting, but if something doesn’t happen soon I’m going to lose that interest.

James Storm then made his way to the ring. He believed in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. What Roode did at the PPV was wrong, and a man who puts his hands on a woman isn’t a man at all.

He will right the wrong at Lockdown but wanted Roode right then and there.

That brought out Roode’s legal advisor who declared that TNA was an unsafe working environment, and Roode wouldn’t appear until his scheduled match at Lockdown.

If Storm wanted to fight he could wrestle either Christopher Daniels or Kazarian. Storm chose both, then delivered the Last Call to the lawyer.

Storm was very good on the mic here. He showed passion and emotion that was believable.

I really hope that Roode isn’t disappearing until Lockdown, though. I feel that not having your world champion on television every week is a bad move, especially when he has a big match coming up.

Storm can only do so much hype  by himself; it takes two to hype a match.

Backstage, Kurt Angle denied Hardy his request for a rematch. He doesn’t lose, but the cameraman brought up losing to Garret Bischoff last week.

That angered Angle and he approached Garret who happened to be standing nearby. Angle challenged him to a three-minute challenge and walked off.

Why are Angle's talents being wasted on Garret? If they want him to learn something from Angle then it should be done off-screen.

Kurt Angle vs. Garret Bischoff: 3-Minute Challenge

Garret defeated Angle once again, this time by disqualification when Gunner ran down to attack little Bischoff. Hardy then ran out for the save and the heels immediately ran away.

I liked Garret’s little flurry of offense but he really hasn’t done anything to make me want to cheer for him.

If TNA wants me to cheer for him, they shouldn’t have him get beat down for five minutes only to win with a Rollup of Doom. TNA should let him wrestle an actual match so that he should showcase any skills he does have.

A video hyping the return of the Motorcity Machine Guns then aired. I am quite excited for this! I’m even more excited for the inevitable Samoa Joe and Magnus/Guns feud!

Samoa Joe and Magnus vs. Mexican America: Tag Team Championship

The champions retained after hitting their snapmare/elbow drop combination on Anarquia for the win.

I thought this was a good match, thanks mainly to the champions. Joe and Magnus were great in the ring and sold for their challengers very well.

I’m surprised that Mexican America are still around as they get barely any heat and make a horrible team.

TNA really should just bring Homicide back to reform the Latin American Xchange.

The feud between the champions and the Motorcity Machine Guns needs to happen sooner rather than later!

In the parking lot, Mexican America didn’t have the money to get their car back. With no money, Josh Lewis not only took their car but took Sarita and Rosita as well.

I really hope that this is a sign that Sarita is down with this horrid stable. She’s been drowning as a member, which is a major shame.

She’s the most talented Knockout on the roster but she always get stuck in a team. TNA, it’s time to give her a singles run!

James Storm vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

After the heels dominated the entire match, Storm hit the Las Call on both of them to pick up the win.

I liked this match. Storm sold for the heels very well but what interested me the most in this match was the tension between Daniels and Kazarian.

The Fallen Angle is starting to realize that he can’t control Kaz anymore and that’s starting to drive a wedge between this soon to be short lived team.

I hope this leads to Kaz finally going out on his own and Daniels finally staying away from A.J. Styles.

Speaking of Styles, why was he not on the show?

The show came to end with Sting calling out Dixie Carter. He declared that the real Hulk Hogan has been back since Bound for Glory and that he trusted him.

He wanted Dixie to trust him as well. She was hesitant but agreed to trust the Hulkster and that brought him out.

Hogan made Sting a believer as well as Dixie and the fans. The fans cheered and chanted for Hogan as the show went off the air.

I liked that they were ending the show like this, but I hated that they went off the air without Hogan saying a word.

I don’t want to wait until next week; I want to know if he’ll take the job now.

 Overall I liked this episode of Impact Wrestling, but at the same time I didn’t.

The matches weren’t as good as they have been so far this year, though the X-Division match was good if you don’t count the ending.

The in-ring segments were fine, but the show cutting off before Hogan said a word left a bad taste in my mouth.

I understand hyping up Hogan’s decision for next week but he should have at least said he needed to think about it before coming to a decision.

The show wasn’t bad, but it was necessarily good. I guess I would call this week’s episode a decent one.

I really expected better from TNA since they’ve been having a hell of a year so far.


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