Manny Pacquiao Agrees to 50-50 Split; The Brawl is On!

Greggy RomualdezCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2009

Manny Pacquiao has agreed to a 50-50 split of pay per view revenues with Ricky Hatton, according to Top Rank's Bob Arum which promotes Pacquiao.

Earlier reports had indicated a snag in negotations after the Pacman demanded a 60-40 split. Arum says Pacquiao is set to sign documents formalizing the agreement anytime soon.

This is a show of humility on the part of Pacquiao, who as pound for pound king could have asked for a slightly bigger slice of the pie than the Hitman who sits at the bottom portion of most pound for pound best boxer lists. It seems Pacquiao has given due credit to the ability of British boxing fanatics to draw in the numbers. And of course, Arum's convincing powers were surely put to the test. He would have perhaps have the most to lose if the fight had been shelved.

Pound for pound rankings will be thrown out the wndow and will mean absolutely nothing when both fighters square off on May 2. I can already feel the electricity and excitement just imagining both fighters step into the ring, giving each other the eye.

And the fight is still close to four months away. Kudos to the Pacman for this humble gesture of taking a step back to ensure that the show goes on.

But expect no humility or backward step once Pacquiao steps into the ring.