A Red Wings Fan In Chicago: A Tale Of a True Fan

matt neumannContributor IJanuary 16, 2009

I would like to address a long-standing issue in sports that transcends hockey—just because you live somewhere, you should support the home team.  Isn't it more noble to move and stay committed?

I am a Red Wings fan in Chicago, and I find mostly Blackhawks fans in this new period of renewal.  Many people give me a hard time for supporting the Red Wings, when they don't have an informed opinion about anything.  This can apply to any sport in any town. There should be a set of criteria that gives you the right to comment or judge.

After some thought, I have a few suggestions.  If you cannot name three players on your favorite team, you are not a true fan.  I can name the entire roster roster of my team, its' farm team, and your favorite as well, and you feel you are somehow endowed with the right to try and convert me.

Now, this is usually in good fun.  However, as I travel abroad, I notice something.  It is an American phenomenon.  No one in Canada will approach you and criticize your team without a good reason—location aside.

For instance, " Lidstrom's stats are falling, and he his the heart of your team."  "Chicago is young, and on the rise because of Kane and Toews."

It is not like, "We are in Chicago, and you should cheer for the Chicago Blackhawks."

What is more noble, supporting your home team, or being willing to stand up for your beliefs?