Shockey and Sapp's Bounty Brawl, Tebow's Mixed Reception: BR5 3/23

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Today's episode of BR5 gets you up-to-date on everything from a bank error in one's favor to Shakira.

Things in New Orleans are getting uglier as the scope of Bountygate is expanding, with Senator Dick Durbin setting up a judiciary committee hearing to investigate whether federal bribery laws should be expanded to include NFL bounties. 

The feud continues between Warren Sapp and alleged whistle blower Jeremy Shockey, as the now-Carolina Panthers tight end declares his innocence.

Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher entered the NBA together way back in 1996 and have won 5 rings together as back-court mates. After parting ways with the Lakers via trade this season, Fisher hopes to compete against Kobe in OKC.  Kobe's competitive nature kicked in by saying, “I’m going to demolish him."

Tim Tebow and John Elway's fling abruptly ended this week.  The circus in New York started when NBA sensation Jeremy Lin expressed his excitement for Tebow, while Broadway Joe didn't share his enthusiasm.

23-year-old Diamondback prospect Adam Eaton found out just how much it pays to make it to the big leagues when he was mistakenly given six MLB union licensing checks meant for the old Adam Eaton.

With the checks being for $20,000 or more, most 23 year olds would have probably taken advantage of the pricey mistake, but the young Eaton, showing wisdom beyond his years, realized he had to return the money.

FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique probably thought he had the score of the century, dating pop singer Shakira. However, his coach thinks the starlet is such a distraction to the team, he's threatening to quit.

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