Sugar Ray Leonard Sounds Off on Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao

Nedu ObiAnalyst IIMarch 23, 2012


Sugar Ray Leonard has joined the debate regarding the highly anticipated super showdown between boxing’s two pound-for-pound greats, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. The former champ and current Hall of Famer is aghast that the so-called “Fight of the Century” has failed to transpire, and shared his thoughts on boxing’s longest running saga.

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“Speaking as a boxing fan, naturally I want to see that fight—and I want to see it sooner rather than later. It won't be the same if they leave it much longer,” Leonard said.

Attempts at getting the superfight between WBC welterweight titlist Mayweather and WBO welterweight champion Pacquiao off the ground have proved futile since it was first announced several years ago. And as things stand, the public might have to wait a little while longer.

“Money May” (42-0, 26 KOs) moves up in class to challenge Miguel Cotto for his WBA super-welterweight crown on May 5, and the “Pac-Man” (54-3-2, 38 KOs) is scheduled to defend his belt against Timothy Bradley on June 9.

Since Pacquiao’s last outing—a lackluster performance and controversial unanimous decision win against Juan Manuel Marquez, some observers feel that if the Filipino native were to lock horns with Mayweather at this moment in time, the latter would have the edge.

However, Leonard (36-3-1, 25 KOs) has a different perspective on the subject matter:

But you can't say that because it would be an entirely different fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather.

I think it's a great fight and from a psychological standpoint I'd give Mayweather the edge, although I wouldn't bet my house on it.

That's what makes that fight so significant and intriguing, because either man can win.

It depends on who brings their A-game the night of the fight.

Leonard, who won titles in five divisions, also believes it’s not a given that victory is assured against Cotto and Bradley—their respective opponents come fight night.

Furthermore, he alluded to a wealth of talent in the boxing stratosphere, and as a result, neither fighter should rest on their laurels:

Talent-wise they're up there—and they both deserve to be.

It's unfortunate, and it's not their fault, that in their era they dominate and there's no one else on the same level as them.

They're both very talented but I still won't count out Bradley against Pacquiao, or Cotto against Mayweather.

Put it this way, there is a lot of talent out there and neither Pacquiao or Mayweather can afford to fall asleep at the wheel.


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