Dan Henderson and 5 Fighters Who Became Better with Age

Jeffrey McKinneyContributor IIIMarch 23, 2012

Dan Henderson and 5 Fighters Who Became Better with Age

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    There's a time in every athletes career when father time starts to take it's toll on them. 

    MMA fighters feel it just like as much if not more than other athletes. 

    They begin to slow down, suffer more and more nagging injuries, and even start to lose their once great chin. 

    But there are those special fighters, like Dan Henderson and Randy Couture, who remained at the top, or close to it despite their age. 

    Here is a look at some current fighters who remained good despite being at an age where they should have been past their prime.

Rick Hawn

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    Current Bellatore welterweight and Judo Olympian Rick Hawn may be the least experienced fighter on this list. 

    With an 11-1 record that includes 7 knockouts, Hawn has made the transition from Judo to MMA look easy. 

    Hawn may have lost his most recent fight by a contreversial split decision, but at age 35, he's one of the few guys in their mid 30's who actually is on the rise and not the decline. 

Vitor Belfort

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    Vitor Belfort is the youngest fighter on the list. 

    At age 34, you might think there isn't any reason that his career should still be rising. 

    But when you consider just how long he's been in the sport, it's amazing that he's shown little signs of decline. 

    Belfort has won 8 of his last 10 fights with the losses coming to Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson. 

    What's amazing about Belfort is he continues to finish his fights Seven of those eight wins have come by knockout or submission. 

Megumi Fujii

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    Many American fans may not be familer with Megumi Fujii, but they should be.

    At age 37, Fujii remains one of the best female fighters in the game today. 

    Sporting a 25-1 record with 19 submission victories, many have ranked her the pound for pound best female flyweight in the world. 

    Fujii is currently on a 3 fight win streak and has showed no signs of slowing down any time soon. 

Anderson Silva

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    Next month, UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva will turn 37 years old. 

    This may come as a surprise to some because Silva does not seem to be showing signs of slowing down. 

    Silva has been the most dominant fighter in MMA for the past 6 years. 

    What's scary is we could see Silva continue his reign as MMA king for another 10 years

Dan Henderson

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    Some guys go from being title contenders to mediocre gate keepers once they hit their late 30's. 

    Once they hit 40, odds are they should not be doing MMA.

    Dan Henderson on the other hand has continued to win championships and remain a title contender into his 40's.

    At age 41, Henderson has proved that despite your age, you can still put on a great show and beat up guys roughly 10 years younger than you.

    Henderson is currently riding a 4 fight winning streak and is looking to get another shot at a UFC title in the near future.