Are the Buffalo Sabres Whimps?

Andrew McCabeContributor IJanuary 15, 2009

"We got ourselves a biter" is what my friend sent me the other night when Andrew Peters was bit through his glove.  I expected to see some sort of response. Nothing.

I remember the night that Chris Drury was rocked by Chris Neil.  That night we saw the appropriate response.  Lindy sent the "thug" line out there and they hit anything that moved.  With this I believe the Sabres were at that point in the season the most dangerous because they could score and they were willing to drop the gloves.

This is what I thought was going to happen the other night. We got nothing.  This is what I'm talking about. Our team is looked at as a bunch of sissies. 

We have no grit.  It will pop up for a few games and then die.  When the Sabres play with this grit they are a team to be reckoned with.  Without it, we are a mediocre team at best.

When you see one Detroit Red Wing go into the corner against three Sabres you expect the Sabres to win that battle don't you?  Apparently it is too hard.  Which is why that one Detroit Red Wing took the puck and scored on that play and ended the game.

When the Sabres do play with grit look at what they can do.  Look at the Boston game just after New Years.  The Sabres go in and play the best team in the NHL in their own arena.  The Sabres come out hitting and moving their feet and guess what, they won.  I know, big surprise now a days.

It can't be just the usual guys to you have to have the "star players" play with grit too.  Not just the guys that aren't afraid to get dirty in front of the net.  When this happens we are good and they know it.

A.J. McCabe