Minnesota Timberwolves Karaoke Video: Watch T-Wolves Rock to Britney Spears

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The Minnesota Timberwolves may hit and miss on the court, but they are superstars off of it. Here are your 2012 T-Wolves magically reinventing the wonder that is Britney Spears. 

It's time for a nice little team video, and a karaoke one at that. ...Baby One More Time is that song that we all know and love. 

Oh, don't act like you don't. 

I will take your blatant lying as you state that you hate the song, but don't act for one second like you are not going to sing like a diva in the shower later. 

Like a horrible virus, this song infects us all when it comes on. We move to the awful rhythm and hum the anthem despite our better judgements. 

I respect you more if you own it, and some of the Timberwolves definitely own this ballad to being hit one more time. 

Ricky Rubio starts us off by claiming he doesn't know this song. Sure, Rubio. We have heard this claim before, and a subsequent search through one's iPod reveals the counter. 

The star of the show is obviously Anthony Tolliver who not only knows the song, but nails the inflections and gambles on every note and wins. 

Martell Webster is a close second with his pure ownage of this song. These are the dudes that you want to hang out with at a drunken karaoke celebration. 

We have to make note of Michael Beasley, who opts to hum the song with mono-syllabic gusto before belting out the finale. 

This video was epic with a dash of awesome. 

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