Lorena Menghia: Supermodel Catrinel's Sister Is a Hot High Jumper

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIMarch 23, 2012

Lorena Menghia: Supermodel Catrinel's Sister Is a Hot High Jumper

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    Since the day Catrinel Menghia was discovered on the streets of Romania by a local agent at the tender age of 16, her sister has remained in the shadows, quietly high-jumping her way to the top.

    But it's about time we offer Lorena Menghia some deserved props, a warm entrance into the upper echelon of sports beauty.

    With her sister moving to Bucharest to start her modeling career six months after being found, Lorena was seemingly left to create her own legacy...and she continues to build it.

    As we watch her climb towards greatness, let's look at Lorena Menghia's sexiest pics.

    Each one is a higher jump than the last.

8. World-Class Abilities

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    Known for her awe-inspiring high jumps at the University of Nebraska, Lorena Menghia seemingly only needs a subtle, yet mysterious smile and a handful of cameras to reach immortality.

    The sexy business management major clearly has the all-around talent to dominate any field of play.


    Image via @lorenamenghia

7. A Fearless Warrior

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    Without the colorful face stamp, we'd be sure Lorena Menghia was heading into battle against a violent crew of incoming extraterrestrials.

    But with her loyal marking, Menghia makes it clear to fans that she's focused, lethal and ready to do damage on the track for her beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers.

    This kind of talent demands more than just a few skilled cameramen.


    Image via huskerlocker.com

6. Splitting Hairs

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    While we're not sure who the girl on our left is, we're positive that we can't focus on anyone other than Lorena Menghia long enough to find out.

    We're yearning for the day that Lorena and Catrinel become a modeling tag team...endless beauty, unlimited possibilities, a bevy of smiles.


    Image via @lorenamenghia

5. The Sky Is the Limit

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    Sure her sister has offered her beautiful face to Giorgio Armani worldwide and the French lingerie brand Lise Charmel, but that doesn't mean Lorena Menghia isn't moments away from a memorable spot in the middle of Times Square as well.

    A good old visit to the Olympics could certainly spark some worldwide interest.


    Image via @lorenamenghia

4. A Class Act

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    But it's not all about athleticism and focus with Lorena Menghia...she's clearly got the professional smile and dedicated stare to make any set of cameras go into a frenzy.

    With beauty in her gene pool, this exotic stunner seems heading for quite the career in the spotlight.


    Image via huskers.com

3. Avoiding Temptation

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    It's easy to party hardy when your sister is an established model with an endless number of connections, but Lorena Menghia seems set on finding her own way, paving a unique road to prosperity.

    Finally we see her in action, eluding the treacherous poles that define her success.

    Well done, champ.


    Image via huskers.com

2. Working Her Way Up

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    While her sister has been baring most of everything for FHM, Maxim and Sports Illustrated, Lorena Menghia has been quietly carving her name into the walls of sports lore.

    The focused high jumper seems headed for athletic and aesthetic greatness.


    Image via flickrhivemind.net

1. A Promising Finish

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    Ok so perhaps Lorena Menghia is closer to a career in beauty than we first believed.

    With such a vivacious approach to this shot, talent scouts must be salivating over the thought of signing another Menghia sister.

    We know we are.


    Image via libertatea.ro