Mac Danzig Interview: Talking 'The Ultimate Fighter', Training and More

The Ultimate Show@@UltimateShowMMAWeekly UFC ShowMarch 22, 2012

Kenda Perez recently spoke with The Ultimate Fighter alum Mac Danzig about the new season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Despite being a big Cruz fan, Danzig believes that Team Faber will be able to win. His advice to the contestants is to not get distracted by the drama and remember they are there to compete and to win.

Danzig is back with his original trainer, Rico Chiapparelli, who to Mac is the most respected guy in all of UFC. Danzig feels that being back with his old trainer, he is learning again, and that his new training will showcase a smarter and more tactful fighter in the ring.

When asked about any holes in his future opponent, Efrain Escudero, in the upcoming UFC 145, Danzig responded that his opponent’s willingness to get drawn into the superficial aspects of the fight is his main weakness.

Mac hopes to exploit that weakness and fight a smart fight. Mac's prediction is that he will go in and fight a smart and exciting fight, coming out with the victory.  

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