Forget the Denver Broncos, Drew Stanton Is the Real Loser in the Tim Tebow Saga

Chris Madden@@christomaddenAnalyst IIMarch 22, 2012

It has been reported on all the major media outlets already that Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets. The transaction was made official today when the Jets sent a fourth-round and sixth-round draft pick to the Denver Broncos in exchange for the third-year signal caller.

Your initial reaction might be to say that Denver was robbed. Losing Tebow and getting a measly fourth-round pick in return is the equivalent of swapping a Porsche for a Vespa.

Tebow was a first-round pick and he guided them to the playoffs last year.

Do not cry for the Broncos, though. They got what they wanted, which was to rid themselves of Tebow. With Peyton Manning on board, he would only be a distraction.

The Manning era was beginning, and Tebow was definitely not a part it.

So, the Jets were able to land a potential game changer without giving up the farm to do it. Good for them.

Even so, the move does not make sense to me. I've heard that the Jets want to run the wildcat. I've heard they want to rehab their image, and I've heard they want to beat the Giants in the race for New York City's fandom. Maybe Tebow is the man to do all three.

For me, that is not the point. Signing Tebow was particularly puzzling since the Jets had just signed Drew Stanton to be Mark Sanchez's back up. As a Detroit Lions fan, I could not help but feel bad for the guy.

One minute the Jets are wooing him, convincing him to leave his home state with the promise of more playing time, and the next they are rolling out the red carpet for Tebow.

According to this Detroit News article, the Jets assured Stanton they would not add another quarterback. Because I am a Lions fan, I know that Stanton was a big part of the Detroit community and leaving was a difficult decision for him. He did so only because of his strong desire to be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

He saw the Jets, with Mark Sanchez's tenuous grasp on the starters job, as a place where he stood the best chance of accomplishing that goal.

Now he is back to third on the totem poll, just days after signing his contract. According to the New York Daily News, he is requesting to be traded or released.

For Stanton's sake, I hope the Jets comply with his request. He deserves a legitimate chance somewhere, and granting him his outright release would be the right thing to do.

Who knows, the Lions might still be in the market for a third string quarterback, and the reliability of his old job might be more appealing to him after taking a ride on the Jets' emotional roller coaster this week.

Maybe we'll see Stanton in Honolulu Blue once again. For now, I will just echo the sentiment expressed via Twitter yesterday: Free Stanton!