WWE WrestleMania 28: Matches Carrying the Most Momentum

Amber GibbsCorrespondent IIMarch 22, 2012

WWE WrestleMania 28: Matches Carrying the Most Momentum

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    With WrestleMania 28 one week away, the matches are shaping up. Watching the last couple of weeks of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, the story lines are either grabbing the crowd's attention or falling flat.

    Here is a list of the matches with high momentum and also matches that are a little lackluster, with just one week left on the road to WrestleMania.



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Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan (Low Momentum)

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    World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan has been playing up his heel persona pretty well over recent months, even pegging himself as a terrible boyfriend. But even with the Champion serving up classic heel, it seems his battle with Sheamus is one of the matches on WrestleMania's card to be down on the momentum meter.

    Sheamus is still doing his random match rampage like before the Royal Rumble, keeping himself in matches, while Bryan mostly sits ringside and tries to sabotage the Great White.

    Needless to say, with one more week until the big event, this World Heavyweight match will be weighed not on its storyline, but solely on the match produced at Mania.

Team Long vs. Team Laurinaitis (High Momentum)

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    This storyline has been pretty entertaining. With the blows back and forth from Long and Laurinaitis, including slaps in the face and screwing superstars out of their wins, the decision to determine who will be GM for Raw and Smackdown has been a good effort. It's a huge heel versus face match.

    There have been matches like this in the past, i.e. Stone Cold and Eric Bischoff, but the comedic effort from Santino has made this match into one of its own. With Santino, Kofi and Truth backing up Team Long and Swagger, Ziggler and Otunga on Team Laurinaitis, the momentum is up, and this is sure to be an energetic match at Mania.

    Don't forget Teddy's dancing!

Diva's Tag Team Match (Low Momentum)

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    Not only have the WWE Divas been low on the radar on the road to WrestleMania 28, they've been pretty much nonexistent except for Eve, who has a hidden agenda with everything these days.

    Maria Menounos is the celebrity chosen for the matchup. This gives the WWE cool exposure, but besides the extra encounter between the four participants in this match, it's hard to see what it will add to the WrestleMania card, thus making it low in momentum.

Kane vs. Randy Orton (Low Momentum)

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    This match will truly have to shine at WrestleMania on its own. It's definitely a nice matchup, but the storyline is based on a match that happened last year, similar to his storyline with CM Punk after Randy Orton kicked Punk in the head.

    Looking at this match, Kane has no real place right now, and Orton has recovered from injury. The match may or may not have been a last-minute decision, but it should still have a little more impact on Friday Night Smackdown, and so it is low in momentum.

Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk (High Momentum)

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    Finally some life has been pumped into this feud. Chris Jericho gave a fatal blow to CM Punk, talking about his obsessive effort to stay straight edge. By Y2J bringing aspects of Punk's family into the storyline, there was definitely a sparked flame in CM Punk's eyes.

    CM Punk had no come back this past week on Raw, and Jericho grabbed the upper hand, giving this match high momentum heading into WrestleMania 28. It looks like there will be an extra intensity added to the match, and the WWE Universe shall see who is truly the best.

Tag Team Champions (Low Momentum)

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    What is up with the WWE Unified Tag Team belts? Have Primo and Epico been in a funk, or is there no one in the Tag Division to take on the champs?

    At this moment, there are no contenders for the tag belt and certainly no storyline surrounding the Tag Team Champions. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth could contend, but they are tied up in the General Manager decision; maybe a double duty is in order. With one week left and no signs of life, their momentum is down.

Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show (Low Momentum)

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    The Big Show's storyline with Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes is built up over Big Show's past WrestleMania failures.

    Cody has been initiating all of the drama, showing off clips of the Big Show looking ridiculous. This makes the Big Show the brunt of the WrestleMania joke, again. Show has had no verbal returns for Rhodes, putting the match at lukewarm heading to Miami.

The Rock vs. John Cena (High Momentum)

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    The verbal spats continue to go on, with The Rock giving history lessons and John Cena trying to show himself as a more intense player, even though he may be reverting back to the old, "I will never lose, I'm Superman" routine.

    It might have made more of an impact if he had lost against Mark Henry this past Monday night. This would have made him look a little vulnerable and made The Rock's surprise message a little more effective.

    But The Rock did send a message this past week, to both Cena and the Miz. Now that the Miz has been ROCK BOTTOM, ROCK BOTTOM, ROCK BOTTOM-ed, there is speculation on whether he will interfere in the Main Event, pushing the momentum of this match way up.

Triple H vs. the Undertaker, Special Guest Referee Shawn Michaels (High Momentum)

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    With this Monday's face-to-face-to-face, the streak match has gotten even better. After all of Triple H's mouth, Taker cut him down quite simply. The Undertaker called the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, better than Triple H.

    This put a smile on HBK's face and added even more tension between the three heading into Mania. HHH was obviously fuming, and the smirk on Shawn Michaels' face verified the fact that his love-hate relationship with Triple H still runs strong.

    Did anyone notice that Triple H wasn't wearing a suit? Guess he really means business. The drama is up, the is suspense is rising, and the momentum has heightened for the WrestleMania 28 matchup.